Are American taxpayers finally waking up?

June 6, 2012

Are American taxpayers finally waking up? After the ballots were counted in Wisconsin last night it appears as if they are sending a new message that has been the topic of debate now for over 25 years shared by Representative Ron Paul (R) Texas, Stop spending what you don’t have.

Wisconsin voters now appear to believe in that message as they came out to have their voices heard in only one of three recall elections every held for a governor of a state.  Only this time, for the first time in history the governor elect survived the ordeal.  Governor Scott Walker (R) made a promise to the voters and followed through with it once sworn in.

What he did was to take Ron Paul’s position by limiting  governments ability to take from taxpayers and give to government employees. What Governor Walker did needed to be addressed due to the ever-increasing deficit the state was amassing.

The 3.5 billion dollar deficit was a detriment for survival of the state. What Mr. Walker did was to reduce the unions ability to continue to take from taxpayers hard earn income to give to public servant union members in way of benefits and health care.

Governor Walker demanded the legislature of Wisconsin to pass laws that addressed the issue.  Democrats dissappeared across state lines so they would not have to vote with hopes of stalling the process so union leaders would continue to fund their re-election campaigns.

The challenge was difficult, but true to his word Governor Walker continued to push for the employees paid by the tax payers of Wisconsin paid more into their healthcare and retirement programs.  By increasing members shares to pay for these benefits the deficit has been removed and will have a surplus of a few hundred million dollars by the end of his term.

Those in Washington should take heed as voters are frustrated with their elected officials who somehow still believe they know better how to spend our money.  Both Democrat and Republican representatives have created a national debt hovering around 16 trillion dollars and continuing to spend as Senator McCain said “Like drunken sailors”.

CBO  just released a report stating we now have a debt that is 70% of GDP for the first time since WWII.  The tread in Washington must stop and a new vision for America must take root.  Are Ron Paul’s positions finally taking hold with the American taxpayer? Let’s hope so as his reasoning is simple, get government out of the lives of the American people as people know better how to spend their money.

Recall election, what does it mean?

June 6, 2012

Governor Scott Walker (R) Wisconsin has become the third sitting governor to be involved in this type of effort.  If he wins he will be the only individual to survive the effort of those who brought the signatures to the State Capital to start the process.

Just what does it mean for the state of Wisconsin and the Nation if in fact Scott Walker wins this recall election against Mayor Tom Barrett (D)?  This recall election will set a new stage for conservatives and fiscally responsible individuals who run for political offices in the future.

This recall election will bring change to this country that is sorely needed.  The handouts, entitlements, and public sector unions negotiating outrages benefit and retirement plans that any sound minded citizens realizes can not be sustained under any circumstance.

Those individuals working in the public sector were promised huge retirement benefits with little contributions from the recipients.  Many health plans had been funded by hard-working taxpayers and not the public sector union member.  The state of Wisconsin with Scott Walker at the helm said he would change the way contracts are established and individuals will be required to pay more of the price for all those benefits they receive.

The Governor should win with a huge margin as the opposition spent millions of dollars fighting his administration but are not citizens of the state so they will not have the impact they believe they need to oust the Republican Governor.


Republican Party Seems Lost

April 3, 2012

With primaries being held today in Wisconsin, Washington D.C. and Maryland it appears as if the Republican Party seems lost.  There still are four candidates campaigning across the nation hoping to make it to the convention with one Republican Candidate securing the necessary delegates to win outright.

Voters can not get behind Romney, the Caucasian Obama. Many voters understand Mitt changes his platform as often as he changes venues. “Etch a Sketch”  loves the man for revitalizing the erasable screen toy sales which seems to resemble his stances on everything. Today I stand by it and tomorrow I will erase whatever it is I stated from the slate.

Santorum wants Americans to believe he is the conservative candidate as he campaigns across the nation.  Citizens are buying into his promises of saving the nation. Yet as a Senator he voted on raises for Congress, voted to raise the debt ceiling on at least 6 different occasions and voted for pork barrel projects which he states are not voted on with the best interest of the nation at heart.

Gingrich has a website full of solutions to the problems we face in America. The problem here is every once in a while the old Newt appears and voters don’t like that Newt.  They like the man who talks with them in a caring and non assuming way as if he were your father, grandfather or a close uncle.

Paul continues to state the obvious as Americans continue to rally around him.  His message of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as projected in our Constitution drive his campaign.  He continues to talk to thousands of people at rallies across the nation, yet media coverage doesn’t seem to broadcast the real action seen.

The Republican voter appears to want another candidate to vote for.  They are not happy with this field of candidates made obvious by the lack of any one of them pulling away with the race toward the White House.  The  Republican establishment would prefer Mitt Romney knowing he will be their puppet if elected.  Many voters interviewed in Las Vegas believe he will not be the leader he claims he will be. These voters believe he will win the nomination but they are praying he doesn’t because they don’t agree with his platform or his views. They say he is out of touch with “real America.”

Will voters across the nation have a candidate to vote for they believe in come November? Or, will they hightail it out of this country and say they have had enough of the corruption running rampant in the Halls of Congress. Come November will the Republican Party endorse a candidate the people believe in or will they endorse a candidate who can raise money for the party.  Time will tell.

Who’s In Control?

March 2, 2011

Who’s in control?  Everyone wants to know I am positive.  With chaos blooming in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, even in the great state of Nevada rallies are happening in the Capitals to fight for and against the ideologies of the newly elected Governors. Who actually runs everyday operations of our government?

In Wisconsin last weekend there were close to 100 thousand demonstrators from all across the nation rallying to support the union members that Scott Walker has alienated by proposing budget cuts that affect their pay.  He has a 2 billion dollar shortfall in the treasury that has to be addressed according to the State Constitution which mandates a balanced budget with no deficit spending allowed.

Those at the rally support their pay and their benefits as they state they deserve them.  In one interview a teacher stated she deserves everything she receives and Governor Walker doesn’t have the right to take away what is rightfully hers. We presume she was talking about the collective bargaining issue because the union stated they agreed to raise the percentage of contributions members make to their health care and retirement packages. The union employees pay 6% of their health care cost and nothing towards their retirement benefits. They, the employees who belong to the union are willing to sacrifice

On the other side individuals are rallying in support of Scott Walker and his attempt to reign in the special perks government employees enjoy due to the union influence during contract negotiations.  Those private sector employees express concern over the salaries of public sector employees which by some estimates are up to 50% higher than theirs.  They also believe government employees should pay more for insurance and retirement benefits such as theirs.  More than the 6.0% and 5.8% proposed as stated above.

Rallies across the country hit the capitals with citizens from both sides expressing their views of the budget cuts, the unions and the governors.  It appears as if all the freshmen Governors are holding true to their campaign promises.  They promised to cut the size and scope of their state bureaucracies and reduce the spending without raising taxes.

So who is in control really, do we know yet. Democratic Senators  left the state because they do not have the votes to stop the legislation from passing. They were elected to represent the people not run and hide from them as they are doing. So we have to ask the question once again, who’s in control?  Is the Governor in control or is it the people once again on both sides who are taking a stand for what they believe in?