Our Voices Have Been Heard

November 3, 2010

Tonight has been a historical night in the elections across the nation.  The voices of the people have been heard and now those who have been elected must follow their campaign promises or we will be in the same boat with the next election cycle.

Marco Rubio wins big in Florida, Rand Paul in Kentucky and Halley in South Carolina.  All with one message to the citizens of this great nation, bring fiscal responsiblity back to the Halls of Congress. They will be held to a higher standard than those who preceded them.  They have a crisis in their sights that must be addressed with sleeves rolled up going at it without reservation to regain control of our economy, our out of control spending and our out of touch elected officials.

The citizens have pushed for a new mandate against the past two years of the Obama program which has eroded the quality of living in our households.  There are so many issues they have to face to cut the federal spending, the size of the federal government and the back room deals that cost taxpayers billions of dollars in wasteful programs.

We now are in a phase of a new beginning for all candidates in all campaigns in all elected offices from local, county, state and federal.

Good luck to those who succeeded in winning their respective races and congratulations to those who campaigned to have their voices heard and came in a close second.  We are a great nation because of these freedoms our military continually fight for both here and abroad.