Where do we go now?

October 25, 2012

So much has happened in the past four years here in America and around the world. Where do we go now? With elections just two weeks away American’s have a huge choice to make when decided the path our nation will travel down the next four years.  Many individuals we talked to have given up hope and don’t want to vote in this election cycle.

Why do these individuals not want to vote. Some of them claim they voted for Obama and are disgusted in the way he has handled the economic crisis along with the foreign policies which make us look weak.

Others say they don’t like the Republican challenger because he has made so much money in the private sector he may not work for the middle class as he has stated on the campaign trail. They fear he will be for big business and Wall Street types neglecting the individuals who are really struggling in this economy.

Regardless of your position, party affiliation or thoughts and ideas of where this country needs to be there is one thing that is sure, if you don’t vote, your voice will not be heard and will be silenced.  Remember Florida was won by Bush by just under 600 votes and many have express concern because they failed to vote in the Sunshine state.

Have your voices heard and get out and vote. Find the candidates who best represent you and your views in the local elections, in the State elections and in the Federal elections.  There is too much at stake not to vote…


The New Mayor of Chicago Is!

February 22, 2011

Today voters in Chicago will be voting in the primaries for a new face at City Hall for the first time since 1989. Many of you out there know about the crime and corruption that eminent from Cook County and plenty of you may still live amongst those crooked individuals still in and around ChiTown.

Many questions concerning voters have been expressed to each of the candidates running for Mayor.  First on the list, can the newly elected mayor reign in the corruption that has dominated the political system for generation after generation.  During the campaign there were allegations of fraudulent signatures on petitions that must be addressed.   There are allegations of bribes and payoffs to candidates or allies who would benefit from contracts or negotiations due to the Mayors influence have to be tackled. Rahm Emanuel stated he will work to end the corruption that has been a staple for those surrounding the political system in the Windy City.

Students also have been vocal with their concerns.  They fear being  jumped by gang members both in and out of school.  They fear bullying while on school grounds along with being harassed by police. The students peppered four of the candidates with concerns that can not be ignored any longer.  These students are the new voices of America and no longer hide what is on their minds.

So, who will be the next Mayor of Chicago?  Out of the six candidates running, four have a chance to win. With Rahm  leading most polls at least 10 analysts giving him the win. The other candidates have not given up yet, the majority believe in the process and will not count themselves out until the final vote is counted.  No one knows what the voter will do once in the voting booth so every candidate has a chance to become the next mayor of Chicago.

History will be made regardless of who wins the primary.   And the New Mayor of Chicago Is….  Rahm Emanuel winning with over 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff. Congratulations and good luck.