Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

October 21, 2010

We are less than two weeks away from making history or becoming history.  Voters all across the nation must decide which road we will travel down on November 2nd.  The choices are extreme to say the least. If we travel the path that is old and full of ruts from the past elections we will continue down the path of destruction. If we take the road less traveled we will have an opportunity to steer clear of the policies and back room dealings that brought us this crisis.

Candidates from across the country have been traveling across their respective states informing their constituents how they will be different then the past candidates and the incumbents.  In the primaries Jim Deakin rolled 60 thousand miles across the desert lands in Arizona to spread his message about citizen legislators only to come up short against a career politician we call Senator McCain.

In Nevada Bill Parson traveled across barren lands of Southern Nevada and the wintry plains up North.  He traveled and met people trying to convince them that the nation is at great risk if we do not stop the politics as usual in Washington.  People heard his voice, his words but again he came up short. Sharron Angle managed to capture the Tea Party endorsement and never looked back.

In Florida, California, Delaware and the other states having the elections hundreds of citizens rallied up off their couches to become part of the political process most Americans take for granted.  We as Americans have failed to acknowledge just how sacred and important our right to vote is. Not this year, I believe we will see record numbers of citizens who are upset with the direction the career politicians have taken our Nation.

With just under 2 weeks left before we have to step into the voting booth our country has changed.   We as Americans have changed.  No longer are we accepting the words of those who are in power.  No longer are we accepting the backroom dealings that Congress must use to pass bills that are unpopular.  The people have risen to the challenge that this administration and those of our past leaders have taken our country with record deficit spending. 

The citizens have spoken to their elected representatives only to have those in power say that your voice doesn’t count. We don’t represent you is the mentality of those in change of leading our Nation.  They have since found out that they can not continue down the path they have travelled for far too long.  They have found out that the citizens will vote their conscience this election cycle and attempt to return grace and dignity to the Halls of Congress.

The Peoples Congress is the theme of the day.  The people’s seat is the tone of the hour.  The career politicians are running scared this election cycle because they have never dealt with constituents that stood up to them and said “Your wrong on that issue.”  As we move closer to election day we see politicians swaying in the wind to keep voters happy long enough to win their votes.  We can see right through them.

The people are tired of politics as usual.  The people are tired of elitist and out of touch representatives to arrogant to understand them.  The people have stated “You work for us we don’t work for you.”  Those politicians who are listening may have a chance to win on November 2nd.  Those who remain out of touch with the American citizens will be packing their bags in January.

There are quite a few good people running in every campaign across the nation if you do your homework to find what they stand for.  As you head to the voting booth you will be the most informed voter that we have had in over 100 years. With the internet and all other forms of social media there is no reason not to know your candidates.

Remember YOUR VOTE COUNTS, so make it happen and vote for the candidate that has your interest at heart not that of special interest.  You can make a difference with your one vote. Your voice can be heard when you apply your God-given right to vote in every election that goes on in your District.  Don’t waste it by not voting. Have your voices heard by voting.  Make a difference in your country and your life by going to the polls and voting for someone with ethics, morality and the belief they work for you.