Violence Cannot Continue

March 17, 2011

Alain Juppe the French Foreign Minister speaking to the United Nation discusses a resolution to  create a no fly zone in Libya. Mr. Juppe stipulates the violence cannot continue as military forces attack their own people in attempts to stop the uprising in all territories of the country.  He goes on to state the crimes against the people are unwarranted and need to be stopped.

The voting went 10 votes for, 0 against and 5 non votes. There will be risks involved, however the acts of violence must stop.  With Kaddafi in power the citizens live in fear with each breathe they take not knowing it that breathe will be their last.   Our President made a strong statement a few weeks ago saying Kaddafi must go and now the United Nations also is sending the same message as they pass this resolution.

This is one more area in the World we must watch to see what the outcome will be. Will the citizens rise up to take control of their country and put together a government for the people or will they slowly become the problem as they fight for their mother land?  Time will tell as each day passes.  If a true leader comes out of the shadows and rises up to lead the revolt toward a new government that will work for the people they will have hope.   We all know regardless of who takes power, the violence cannot continue against the people.