Veterans Day, Honoring our Military

November 8, 2011

Veterans Day, Honoring our Military families who sacrifice so much for us to live in a free society.  Honoring those who served giving of themselves to protect what they believe is right.

In Las Vegas VFW Post 1753 presents the Annual Veterans Day Parade on 11-11-11 at 10:00am on the corner of 4th and Gass.  Each year the City of Las Vegas brings together bands, ROTC members, military members from as far back as the World Wars to march in the largest parade for our Veterans West of the Mississippi.

This day is a day to honor those who sacrifice so much of their lives so we don’t have too. This day is about our VETERANS both old and young who shows a love of country most citizens can not or will not.  This day is to honor and respect these fine folks for who they are and what they do for our Nation.

This is not a day politicians should be waving their banners and traveling in a motorcade in the parades. This day is for our Veterans and should be honored as such.  Politicians please show respect and honor those members for one day without political affiliation or self promotion. I thank you for those who don’t use the Veterans Day Parade as a political platform.

Thank you to all of our military family who have served honorably protecting the rights and liberties of this great nation. We owe a debt of gratitude that words alone cannot express.