Texting While Driving, Is That A Good Thing?

June 7, 2011

In Nevada the House Assembly and Senate both passed SB 140 which would ban texting while driving. My4News website put out a poll asking if Governor Sandoval should sign the bill into law.  Amazingly 21.9% of those taking the poll stated “NO” while the overwhelming majority, 78.1% voted “YES” to the question. So I have to ask, texting while driving, is that a good thing?

You have to wonder after seeing the statistics on accidents caused by texting while driving what the individuals who voted NO are thinking.  According to government data 6% of all accidents are caused by cell phone distractions which lead to injuries and death.

With close to 450 thousand injuries each year and 995 deaths caused by cell phone texting you would hope more individuals would be concerned for their safety? Or do they think “I never thought this could happen to me” as victims of crime seem to always say in their interviews with investigators after the fact.

These are alarming statistics when you look at the total picture.  Families are crushed by loss of loved ones, which no monetary figure could replace.  If texting accident victims are lucky enough to sustain injuries the financial lose could be huge along with the mental duress. Maybe the vehicle damaged is not too severe and can be repaired, however now a rental vehicle may be needed while the damaged vehicle is being repaired or rely on others to one to where they need to be.

Worst case scenario is the insurance company decides to total the vehicle, costing the owner much more unneeded stress in an already stressful situation. Along with all that has occurred now factor in the property damage costing billions of dollars a year that could be easily eliminated by having laws such as this on the books in every state.

The DMV website for Nevada has a page called “How to drive distraction free” giving individuals several options on what to do to remain alert and responsive to avoid accidents and injury.  One main theme discussed is remaining attentive and not day dreaming or becoming distracted with particular items such as adjusting the radio, looking for CD’s and adjusting the mirrors.  These issues take your focus off the road and are a recipe for disaster.

Let’s hope the Governor puts ink to paper and passes this law which will help to save lives and physical damages. Our tendencies are not to focus on the positive aspects of the law but the negative which some would say can be an infringement on our personal freedoms given to us by our Constitution, Bill or Rights and the Declaration of Independence.  However a State has the right to pass laws that regulates a privilege such as driving a motor vehicle.