Congressmen Heck wants money

November 21, 2011

Today I read an invitation from Congressmen Joe Heck explaining how we need to support his campaign for re-election.  In it he stated “We need more Republicans in Washington“.

Our  District 3 Representative is concerned with how “Washington operates” since he was elected to office last year as Democrats continue to spend our tax dollars with little regard where it is going and how it is being spent.

Toward the last paragraph of the campaign letter he emphasized a career politician will run against him in the upcoming election with a “History of raising taxes, increasing regulations and growing government” which makes the choice clear why we must vote for Joe Heck.

As I read I had to look back just a few short months ago on the vote to raise the debt ceiling on more time or our country will default on its debts. Our Congressmen Joe Heck voted for it, stating to his constituents  in a RJ interview,  “The fact we have dollar-for-dollar spending cuts associated with the debt limit increase, no new taxes and real accountability measures were the three things I wanted to see, and those three things are there,”

This appears to be more of the same, campaign against raising taxes, doing what is right for the country and then caving in to an increase in our debt ceiling with nothing but empty promises as we have seen in all debt ceiling increased negotiations.

Joe, if you want to win re-election how about telling those Nevadans in your District you will reduce spending in Washington and then offer a solution to how you plan to accomplish that task.  The debt ceiling is not the issue, the spending is.

What’s Wrong With Wisconsin?

February 22, 2011

For the past few days every question we have received from the concerned public is “What’s wrong with Wisconsin”?  The concerns are towards the new Governor, Scott  Walker  wants to end collective bargaining for several government unions. They are up in arms because that is just wrong according to many of the individuals we talked with.  They deserve to be represented by unions many of the voices I heard stated.

One individual was a teacher from Nevada where we have Governor Sandoval who  is working to reduce spending within our school system across the state.  These cuts are needed according to him to balance the budget at any cost. This teacher said his pay will freeze at the level he is currently being paid for a period of three years. No raises for continuing his education up to and including his masters.

As he talked you could see he was upset with the Governor and the cuts. I told him I understand his being upset that his wages would be froze under the new bill if passed. I then stated as a private sector employee my wages have been frozen for the past three years.  I too have not received a raise for any of my hard work since they cut any and all raises because of the economic crisis we are experiencing. I asked him what is the difference between my wages being frozen or his being frozen.

He could not answer the question as he looked at me.  He struggled to find something to say that would appease me and finally after several seconds of silence he stated but he was going for his masters and that alone qualifies him for the additional salary. Now don’t get me wrong, I agree teachers should be paid more so long as they represent the wishes of the people paying their salaries, me and you not some union taking dues so they can spend them on political campaigns to elect officials that will continue to give them what they want so they can get re-elected.

In Wisconsin the Governor said he would not compromise on the issues.  The news has indicated no collective bargaining for several government unions excluding fire department and the police.  The Governor states that is misinformation as the bill doesn’t touch the collective bargaining rights of  individuals.  He also added the members would be paying 5.8% of their retirement costs up from 0%.  Along with that they will also pay 12% of health care costs up from 6% and all this is to balance the budget.

So what’s wrong with Wisconsin trying to control spending by initiating a few new programs that you will find in the private sector at almost every company one could imagine.  As a  private sector employee how much to you think they have to  pay for their benefits? Then look at retirement funds,  if they are lucky enough to have money to put into a 401K  how much does the employer match? Nothing like those in the public sector.   Do you think paying for retirement and insurance is a bad thing. If it is then maybe we as private citizens should be up in arms about the money we pay to have our benefits and retirement fund.