Alan Simpson Laid It On The Line

November 4, 2011

Today former Republican Senator from Wyoming Alan Simpson laid it on the line as he answers questions on Fox News “Happening Now” program.  During his telephone interview Alan emphasized the importance of getting our national debt under control.

As he spoke to the Super Committee put in charge of reining in the out of control spending Alan stated with total conviction, “We don’t need charts when we go out, we don’t use power points, we just say if you spend more than you earn you lose your butt.” As the committee members hash out the details to cut 1.2 trillion dollars from the deficit Alan is wary they will accomplish the goals ahead of them.

With our National Debt close to 15 trillion dollars and a Congress that continues to borrow more than revenues received Alan had this to say to them, “If you spend a buck and borrow 42 cents of it, you’ve got to be stupid!”  The time has come for partisan politics to stop and start working for the good of the nation and it’s citizens before the country goes bankrupt.

The Senator believes Congress needs to remove the obstacles that hinder the progress of passing legislation that will elevate the economic drain on our nation.  The lobbyists and special interests groups dictate to our elected officials what they expect or the campaign contributions will dry up. His words of wisdom to Congress is to make the tough choices and do what is right for America.

This situation we are experiencing today  is at the critical point for our nation. Mr. Simpson goes on to say “This is it, if we don’t do something the markets are gonna respond, the tipping point will come, interest will go up, inflation will go up and guess who gets hurt the worse, the little guy.”

The time has come for our elected officials to start listening to the voice of the people to do what is right for this nation.  As concerned citizens we expect to hear the truth and have our elected officials offer us solutions to the problem instead of continually telling us the problem and never putting solutions on the table.

It is refreshing to hear any politician speaking boldly and bluntly about the direction our country is heading and where we will be if we fail to address these problems head on.  Mr. Simpson many of us who have heard you agree with your assessment of the situation.