A day to Honor those fallen Heroes

May 25, 2011

I would like to invite anyone living in the Vegas Valley to come out and celebrate Memorial Day with us as we honor those men, women and children of all ages who fought to protect our nation both past and present. On Monday May 30, 2011 we will celebrate Memorial Day at the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery located at 1900 Buchanan Blvd. in Boulder City. The ceremony begins at 1:00 pm as we remember those fallen heroes.

I know most individuals will go to the park and cook their hot dogs and hamburgers while drinking a nice cold one over the Memorial Day weekend and have a great time doing so. Enjoying their family and friends as they bask in the warm air socializing amongst themselves getting ready for another week of work. This is just a part of the celebration, however there is more to the celebration then just a picnic.

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who fought for our freedom. With each day that passes it must be understood without a military serving to protect our sovereignty we would not exist as a free nation today. As a developing nation we had citizens rise up against a government unfairly taxing our colonies which lead to the Revolution that changed the history of the world.

Militia or minutemen as they were called teamed up with the colonies across the continent to fight against the British Commonwealth who wished to dictate their will upon this new nation. The revolution lasted 8 long years as American pioneers refused to be ruled by the King of England. Those individuals alone won the war because they believed in their cause. They fought against a military that was far superior than they were but lacked the love of country to win the assault.

As America grew into a nation the Founding Fathers drafted a Constitution that would stand the test of time. They would safeguard against dictatorship or Kings by creating a government “By the people, for the people” with a military second to none. Our military expanded and grew as our nation evolved guarding a Nation they called home. Those individuals signed on to honor, protect and die for a value they believed in called freedom.

To this we honor all enlisted members of our military who gave the ultimate sacrifice to their beloved nation. To this we come together to pay respect to those fallen heroes who gave selflessly of themselves so we Americans can live life as we choose without fear of government intervention that stifles the freedoms enumerated in our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

(Reprinted with permission from Terry Suominen)