Can NLRB Move Companies?

May 14, 2011

Now it appears as if the National Labor Relations Board can tell companies where they are able to build their companies and employ individuals.  Boeing  has a plant ready to open with over 1000 new jobs created in a right to work state and the General Counsel, Lafe Solomon has ruled they must go back to Washington State which is a Forced Unionism State.

In a complaint letter written to President Obama, the National Right to Work ( President Max Mix asked that Mr. Solomon be removed as nominee for General Consul as his actions displayed poor judgement in the deliberations which disqualify him from that position.  The actions that Mr. Solomon has taken are an overreach of power that should never be discussed by any political entity.  Where in the Constitution does it say government can direct businesses to a operate in one state over another.

Boeing has been involved with several strikes that have cost the company billions of dollars in lost revenue as unions attempted to strong-arm Boeing into lucrative contracts for the employees.  Now Boeing has built a 800 million dollar complex in South Carolina  to build additional 787 Dreamliners outside of Washington State.  With this move employees have the opportunity to vote for unions but employees do not have to join the union if they don’t want to. This has the Union bosses running scared as other businesses will attempt to flee Force Union States for the more appealing Right to Work States. According to statistics an average of 28.3% increase in growth has been recording in right to work states whereas forced union states have only increased by 14.7%.

This issue will end up in court with all eyes watching to see the outcome. Will businesses be forced to operate in one location over another because big government says they have to or will businesses be able to go where ever they want and do business.  Keep your eyes open on this one it will get interesting.