Truth is Relevant

February 25, 2011

Today while discussing the issues of our Country with my exterminator we talked about what is happening in Wisconsin.  I brought up how unions worked for the people in the beginning when the greed and corruption of the business owner was more important than the worker’s health and safety.

The debate went on as we skimmed a broad range of subjects concerning the money and power the unions, politicians and churches wield. Today instead of working for the people these entities just described are more concerned with how much money and power they gain through those they are supposedly helping.

The unions are not there for the people any longer, they are there for the political clout to fund campaigns to elect those who will work towards the goals of the union not necessarily of the members.  The politicians will work to pass legislation for those who give them money to win their next campaign, not necessarily those they are elected to represent.  The churches are collecting donations to build million dollar churches, funding projects they feel are needed, not necessarily what their congregation may believe needs to be addressed.

My exterminator stated he goes to church and what upsets him more than anything is the church will not talk about the truth in fear of losing their funding.  He went on to say when the preacher preaches the sermon is generic in scope.  He wants to hear the truth of what is happening in our cities, in our states, and in our country.  He wants to know the preacher is in tune with issues that are relevant to each citizen as we grow and prosper as we deem fit.

The truth is relevant regardless of who you are, what you do or where you live.  What is happening across the country will affect each of us at some point in time.  We have asked everyone in this nation who is listening to be vigilant and be in the know on issues that should concern you.  Knowledge is power and can not be taken from you once you have it so learn about the issues that work for our country.  Learn about the issues that erode the quality of life here in America and abroad.  Your voice is your power, use it to express your thoughts and concerns to all who will listen.