Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs.

September 8, 2011

In just a few minutes the President of the United States will speak to the Joint Session of Congress to introduce his new jobs creation bill.

In it we will likely hear more of the same content as we have heard over the past 4 years as he traveled across the country during his campaign for the highest office of the land.  The first issue as stated in the title  and the most important issue he will be discussing is jobs,  jobs, jobs and more jobs.

We will hear how the problems this country has concerning the loss of millions of jobs were inherited from the bad policy years of George Bush.  We will hear about how his administration has done wonders saving or creating millions of jobs through his 800 billion plus stimulus package.

He will go on to discuss how the Republicans in office are partisan and will not allow his administration to move forward with his ideas on how to get the country back on track to prosperity.  Our President will not accept the problems we face as polls out this past few days show a majority of Americans believe the economy is still owned by the Republicans for the past 10 years of policies that were detrimental to our nation.

Finally we will hear the President state we are all in this together and need to work together to reduce the unemployment levels. He will go on and say if only the Republicans would do what I ask of them we wouldn’t have these problems we face today.  One of his offerings will be increasing revenues to the federal government so we can once again start down the road to prosperity creating  jobs all across America with billions going to infrastructure projects for local communities.

Here we go as Congress settles in to listen to the leader of the Greatest Nation on Earth. Stay tuned for the next writing to see if in fact we were wrong with our assessment of the speech.