Politically Correctness Downfall of a Great Nation

May 26, 2016

Yes I said it, being a PC’er has done nothing for our nation that we can be proud of. We whine and complain about everything that feels bad, hurts our feelings instead of working to achieve and live up to our potential.

Political Correctness is the downfall of a great nation. We once were a mighty land with many who worked hard wanting a better life for themselves and their family. Now, not so. We have individuals who want or feel they desire everything needed to live a life of comfort without putting in the blood,sweat or tears.

Hopefully we will wake up before it is to late as the two party system has eroded the quality of life for all Americans in this Great Nation. May we find a way to regenerate prosperity through hard work once again and not free handouts because they deserve it, they feel it, not earned it.

Just what we needed

May 29, 2011

Finally,  just what we needed has been given clearance from the Supreme Court.   A corporation can spend money on campaign ads for or against a candidate during an election cycle as long as they do not contribute to a political campaign. Why do you ask, according to the Supreme Court money is free speech in  1975’s “Buckley v. Valeo” argument  because as we all know money is power and power is a voice for free speech in this country.

When the Supreme Court handed down the ruling on “Hillary the Movie” stating it did not violate campaign financing rules the floodgates were open for corporate spending, using  free speech as the tool to argue. In todays political scene the Presidential campaigns are having to raise not millions but at least a billion to win an election to a position that pays a meager 400 thousand dollars a year.  The question that comes to mind with all this money floating around is “Who actually wins?”  Not the common man or women working everyday to make ends meet.   I have to assume it is the corporations with an agenda end up winning.   Spending their money on candidates that will work for their interests regardless of what constituents want in these politicians back yard.

With so much money going to political campaigns how can candidates say they are working for their constituents regardless of where the millions upon millions of dollars came from. I had one candidate last year tell me that he does take money from special interest groups and lobbyists but informs them up front they will not receive special favors when he wins the election.  Can this be possible, can a politician not be bought off with those campaign funds received by lobbyist groups and special interest?

Let’s hope so, if not our voices will be lost to big money groups that only have their interest at heart which is profit.  Most corporations would campaign for less regulations in their industry so they can spend less to earn more.  The question that we must ask ourselves is “Where do we go from here?”

Really, Stop The Insanity

March 3, 2011

Blog reprinted from Terry Suominen’s wordpress blog.

Once again the U.S. District Court Judge from Florida is in the news.  January 31, 2011 he filed his 78 page opinion stating the health care reform bill was unconstitutional.  It appears as if the Department of Justice didn’t understand the opinion handed down so filed a motion to clarify.  So Judge Vinson stated once again the health care reform bill is UNCONSTITUTIONAL in its entirety.

Just a few days ago President Obama and Eric Holden stated they would no longer pursue cases concerning marriages outside that of a man and a woman. The reason, they felt the law was unconstitutional without a court offering an opinion to support their assessment. Really, stop the insanity now.

The political system in our country has taken the common man out of the equation because of their disdain for those in office.  We talked with many individuals over the past year that stated they don’t vote because their vote doesn’t count any more.  The politicians do what they want when they want regardless of the constitutionality of the laws or regulations they pass or attempt to pass are statements heard across the nation.

As a citizen of these United States your vote does count and you need to understand when elected officials are held accountable for their actions they will do the right thing for their constituents a majority of the time. Of course there are some who will not listen to those who elected them but with your vote you can replace them.

So let’s stop the insanity in our political arena and let those elected to serve us do what is right for the people, for the states, and for the country or replace them with your voice and your vote. We can take control of our political system if we stay vigilant.