Climb Aboard Patriot Express Radio

October 8, 2010

Welcome to our new blog site for Patriot Express Radio.  We are excited to have this opportunity to report information that may be important to each and every individual.

At Patriot Express Radio our goal is to present the issues from both sides of the aisle when need be.  We try not to interject personal feelings into our show however with that said sometimes it is next to impossible on every issue.  But believe me we do try to be neutral when explaining the facts about the issues.

For example last year we were the first to actually state on air that the Health Care Bill presented in the form offered by Congress would actually cost the taxpayers over 2.5 Trillion dollars over the 10 year period the Congressional Budget Office ran the numbers for.  Congress stated along with many news media outlets 1 Trillion dollars would be the final price tag for all American’s to be included in the bill.

Well when it was said and done, the price tag was in the 25 Trillion dollar range and approximately 26 million uninsured would have coverage they didn’t have in the past. That is about 20 million short of 100% of the uninsured that was promised in the bill.

So be sure to check in periodically to find out what is happening in your world along with in ours.  We do the research so you don’t have to. However I would advise some home work on your part.


Thank you and look forward to the future blogs.