In His Own Words

October 29, 2010

A few days ago President  Obama during a rally made this statement to a hispanic group “We’re gonna punish our enemies” when referring to them not going to the polls to vote.  Our President stated they must vote to work with him to maintain the standards that he believes in.

Not the kind of talk that is very Presidential as his approval ratings are down to 37%.  Many American’s have had enough of the partisan rhetoric that has split this country.  Many American’s are fed up with the direction our Politicians have taken this Nation. Finally, many American’s are saying they have had enough of the two-party system.  They are going to vote for the candidate that will represent their wishes.

Today a passenger jet was escorted to JFK by fighter planes  due to intelligences that stated there could be explosives on board.  The President made a speech minutes ago to discuss this incident.  Here is what he had to say, “a credible terrorist threat against our country.”  He went on to say there was information that they are taking seriously.

Our observation is this, how can the President of these United States call individual citizens of this Nation enemies to a group of individuals and yet will not call those across the ocean enemies when they actually want to attack and kill our citizens.  It appears as if the President is still receiving bad information from advisors and speech writers who are continuously castigating  citizens and glossing over terrorists as something other than what they actually are.

Remember your vote counts, make it happen by showing up to place your vote and have your voice heard come election day.