Nevada will be huge for the upcoming election

November 1, 2012
With 6 electoral college votes Nevada will be key in the results of the November 6th ballot picking the next President of these United States.  Who has the advantage, Mitt or Barack? With over 119 thousand more democratic registered voters in the state Barack has the advantage on paper.

Will that advantage result in a win for his campaign? Not likely as Nevadans remember how this President devastated our cities and our state when he went on air not once but twice to inform the nation they shouldn’t go “to Vegas” in these tough economic times spending “college” funds.

Our economy suffered worst then any state in the Union with high unemployment, high foreclosure rates and a drop in tourism due to the words spewed from the Presidents mouth.  Many of those who voted for him in 2008 have expressed sorrow as they realize the hype was better than the word.

With only 37% of the promises made on the campaign trail held to date, the road in Nevada will be a tough fight.  We remember how he stated just a few short years ago he would reduce the national debt by 50% because it was “unpatriotic” to increase the debt by 4 trillion as George Bush had done.  Well, with 6 trillion added to the debt since taking office Obama has failed on delivering that promise.

Candidate Obama also promised in his first year he would sign into law immigration reform because the cost was to exorbitant for any state to continue to fund. Well not only didn’t he pass any legislation but he never even offered any to the Congress which by the way was democratic for the first two years.

There are a host of other promises made and broken, too many to list here. So in these closing days as both candidates talk about how they would handle the office once elected the stories are vastly different. One candidate wants four more years to finish what he stated.  While the other wants four years to fix the mess that has oven taken our nation.

Come November 6th, 2012 be sure to exercise your God-given right and vote for the candidate of your choice.  We as a nation are guaranteed basic freedoms and rights under our Constitution that no other nation in the world has. Let’s not lose them.

Campaign promises or just a way to get elected

May 23, 2012

We all understand that politicians lie when trying to get re-elected to an office whether county, state or federal; they lie or embellish the truth.  Do these same individuals lie in their first campaigns into office or are they just assimilated into the process once elected?

In Nevada we have candidates knocking on doors, leaving hangers with hopes of discussing their stances with the voters.  They get tax rolls, demographics of voters whether Democrat, Republican, Independent and the likes.

Many candidates all of whom have been Democrats I have talked with over the past few weeks are knocking on my door to discuss the issues.  Not because they know me, or think I will love and embrace their platform but because they believe I am a registered Democrat.

Since my wife works in a union environment these candidates think I agree with all they stand for.  I don’t.  Several candidates have good intentions because in fact they love their country but fall short because of their belief that higher taxes will solve every thing.

Yesterday I was talking to Steven Parke, candidate for Assembly District 21.  He caught me as I was backing out of the driveway to head to Big G Auto where I get my vehicles worked on.

I put down my window as he approached my vehicle and handed his door knocker to me through the window.  I asked him what his top three priorities would be if elected and why.

Steven didn’t hesitant to discuss the first issue that needs to be address in the next Legislative session. Steven believes taxes have to go up, but not in the conventional way as most Democrats believe.  He does not want to raise taxes on all businesses just to increase revenue but on a certain industry that has power in this state.

He stated he would present legislation that would increase the taxes paid by the gold industry prevalent inNorthern Nevada. Suggesting “they pay their fair share” like so many other businesses do in the State.

That is a bold stance coming from a Democrat trying to win a seat inCarson Citywhen so much money comes from those unions to gain favor from candidates who should happen to get elected.

As a Democrat Steven stated he would not consider himself a right winger but some one who is more independent with his thoughts on how to rein in the problems this state faces. We discussed the problems being problems of Americans, not just those of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or other groups across the nation.

He agreed we need to work together to bring solutions to the cambers that will help every citizen and not just those of one party or another. This is refreshing to hear because this nation needs leaders that lead for the country and not their personal interests

Steven believed what he was saying would be good for the country. Some of it would if he could implement it. But as a freshman in the Assembly could he fulfill his campaign promises or fall prey to the leaders with years and years of tenor under their belts, time will tell if he happens to get elected.

Governor Sandoval Signs Smoking Bill

June 28, 2011

Assembly Bill 571 was signed into law by Governor Sandoval (R) Nv. allowing stand alone bars with restaurants smoking where no one under the age of 21 are permitted.  With the signing of this bill citizens are up in arms about it since the no smoking ban was voted on by the people back in 2006 and passed with 72% of the citizens in favor of the ban.

As I talk to people across the State they could not understand how a bill voted on by the people could be overturned by the Nevada Legislature just 5 years after the bill was passed without going to the public once again for a vote.  Many of these individuals stated they will not vote for Mr. Sandoval in the next election because of this overturning of the “Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act”.  What they don’t understand is the bill was not replaced and thrown out but changed to offer the smoking in stand alone bars, saloons, or taverns where minors are not allow as stated above.

The patrons of  restaurants in Nevada can still go to eat without fear of someone lighting up during their meal.  The law is still intact for many of the areas in the original bill.  The schools, restaurants, office buildings, malls, child care facilities, movie theaters, video arcades alone with a host of other settings will remain smoke free. The only change to the law pertains to the stand alone bars with restaurants, again as stated above.

I have not talked with anyone who goes into a bar without the understanding there will be drinking and smoking within the establishment.  It is what is expected when in a drinking establishment just as gambling is expected in a gaming establishment.  Hopefully those upset with the new section added to the existing law will realize it did not eradicate the law with one swoop of the pen at the Governors Mansion. Read the bill here.

Texting While Driving, Is That A Good Thing?

June 7, 2011

In Nevada the House Assembly and Senate both passed SB 140 which would ban texting while driving. My4News website put out a poll asking if Governor Sandoval should sign the bill into law.  Amazingly 21.9% of those taking the poll stated “NO” while the overwhelming majority, 78.1% voted “YES” to the question. So I have to ask, texting while driving, is that a good thing?

You have to wonder after seeing the statistics on accidents caused by texting while driving what the individuals who voted NO are thinking.  According to government data 6% of all accidents are caused by cell phone distractions which lead to injuries and death.

With close to 450 thousand injuries each year and 995 deaths caused by cell phone texting you would hope more individuals would be concerned for their safety? Or do they think “I never thought this could happen to me” as victims of crime seem to always say in their interviews with investigators after the fact.

These are alarming statistics when you look at the total picture.  Families are crushed by loss of loved ones, which no monetary figure could replace.  If texting accident victims are lucky enough to sustain injuries the financial lose could be huge along with the mental duress. Maybe the vehicle damaged is not too severe and can be repaired, however now a rental vehicle may be needed while the damaged vehicle is being repaired or rely on others to one to where they need to be.

Worst case scenario is the insurance company decides to total the vehicle, costing the owner much more unneeded stress in an already stressful situation. Along with all that has occurred now factor in the property damage costing billions of dollars a year that could be easily eliminated by having laws such as this on the books in every state.

The DMV website for Nevada has a page called “How to drive distraction free” giving individuals several options on what to do to remain alert and responsive to avoid accidents and injury.  One main theme discussed is remaining attentive and not day dreaming or becoming distracted with particular items such as adjusting the radio, looking for CD’s and adjusting the mirrors.  These issues take your focus off the road and are a recipe for disaster.

Let’s hope the Governor puts ink to paper and passes this law which will help to save lives and physical damages. Our tendencies are not to focus on the positive aspects of the law but the negative which some would say can be an infringement on our personal freedoms given to us by our Constitution, Bill or Rights and the Declaration of Independence.  However a State has the right to pass laws that regulates a privilege such as driving a motor vehicle.

Who’s In Control?

March 2, 2011

Who’s in control?  Everyone wants to know I am positive.  With chaos blooming in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, even in the great state of Nevada rallies are happening in the Capitals to fight for and against the ideologies of the newly elected Governors. Who actually runs everyday operations of our government?

In Wisconsin last weekend there were close to 100 thousand demonstrators from all across the nation rallying to support the union members that Scott Walker has alienated by proposing budget cuts that affect their pay.  He has a 2 billion dollar shortfall in the treasury that has to be addressed according to the State Constitution which mandates a balanced budget with no deficit spending allowed.

Those at the rally support their pay and their benefits as they state they deserve them.  In one interview a teacher stated she deserves everything she receives and Governor Walker doesn’t have the right to take away what is rightfully hers. We presume she was talking about the collective bargaining issue because the union stated they agreed to raise the percentage of contributions members make to their health care and retirement packages. The union employees pay 6% of their health care cost and nothing towards their retirement benefits. They, the employees who belong to the union are willing to sacrifice

On the other side individuals are rallying in support of Scott Walker and his attempt to reign in the special perks government employees enjoy due to the union influence during contract negotiations.  Those private sector employees express concern over the salaries of public sector employees which by some estimates are up to 50% higher than theirs.  They also believe government employees should pay more for insurance and retirement benefits such as theirs.  More than the 6.0% and 5.8% proposed as stated above.

Rallies across the country hit the capitals with citizens from both sides expressing their views of the budget cuts, the unions and the governors.  It appears as if all the freshmen Governors are holding true to their campaign promises.  They promised to cut the size and scope of their state bureaucracies and reduce the spending without raising taxes.

So who is in control really, do we know yet. Democratic Senators  left the state because they do not have the votes to stop the legislation from passing. They were elected to represent the people not run and hide from them as they are doing. So we have to ask the question once again, who’s in control?  Is the Governor in control or is it the people once again on both sides who are taking a stand for what they believe in?