Anchor Babies

January 3, 2011

There is a new battle going on in America.  There are 6 states that are challenging the 14th amendment giving citizen rights to babies born in America to all individuals.

These states are charging that our Federal Government has not addressed the illegal immigration problem.  There are 360 thousand children born in this country each year to illegal immigrants according to recent estimates with over 1 million individuals granted citizenship or at least green cards to be here while awaiting the proper paperwork to be accepted.

This is what happens when the voice of the people rise up to be heard.  WE THE PEOPLE are tired of our government not working to secure our country, our borders, and our sovereignty.

Let’s watch what happens in the next few months with this case. I believe it could take up to a year to be heard as it works through the court system.  Most importantly is we elected representatives who seem to be standing up united with us, the citizens of these United States and finally saying , “Stop the Insanity”.

Today there are 6 states who appear to be standing united to do what is right for our country. How many more have heard the voices of the people?  Time will tell, stay vigilant and remind your elected representatives they work for us.