Veterans Day, Honoring our Military

November 8, 2011

Veterans Day, Honoring our Military families who sacrifice so much for us to live in a free society.  Honoring those who served giving of themselves to protect what they believe is right.

In Las Vegas VFW Post 1753 presents the Annual Veterans Day Parade on 11-11-11 at 10:00am on the corner of 4th and Gass.  Each year the City of Las Vegas brings together bands, ROTC members, military members from as far back as the World Wars to march in the largest parade for our Veterans West of the Mississippi.

This day is a day to honor those who sacrifice so much of their lives so we don’t have too. This day is about our VETERANS both old and young who shows a love of country most citizens can not or will not.  This day is to honor and respect these fine folks for who they are and what they do for our Nation.

This is not a day politicians should be waving their banners and traveling in a motorcade in the parades. This day is for our Veterans and should be honored as such.  Politicians please show respect and honor those members for one day without political affiliation or self promotion. I thank you for those who don’t use the Veterans Day Parade as a political platform.

Thank you to all of our military family who have served honorably protecting the rights and liberties of this great nation. We owe a debt of gratitude that words alone cannot express.  

Presidential Debate Live from Las Vegas

October 19, 2011

  Tonight we were witness to another Republican Presidential debate live from the Venetian in Las Vegas Nevada. The candidates took center stage as Anderson Cooper moderated the proceedings. On stage we saw Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain,Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Rich Santorum, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Missing from the debate was Jon Huntsman and Gary Johnson, both were given the opportunity to appear with the rest of the field but opted not to show.

The debate was fisty and furious as candidates sparred about illegal immigration, defense spending, the budget, the border fence and jobs or lack there of.  Mr. Perry and Mr. Romney, Mr. Santorum vs Mr. Paul and Mr. Romney, Mr. Perry, Mr. Paul, Ms. Bachmann and Mr. Santorum against Mr. Cain. During this debate there appeared to be more personal attacks on the candidate on their records which did not sit well with the audience.

When asked about the nuclear waste issue Ron Paul got an arousing ovation when he stated why should 49 states tell one state who will take nuclear waste. “It is not right” he went on. Get politicians out of this and allow states to decide. the government shouldn’t be in the business of subsidizing industries and it is time they get out. The states need to compete for business and markets not the Federal Government. Many of the other candidates had to agree with him as that appeared to be the correct answer.

Anderson asked Perry if the 9-9-9 would cost taxpayers more and he went after Herman pretty strongly. Mr. Cains 9-9-9 program is not a value added tax though Rick Perry believes it is and attacked Herman as Rick stated ” I’ll bump plans with you Brother”  New Hampshire and Nevada are hurting and with a new tax of 9% increases on homes, on Social Security and more, Perry stated “I don’t think so Herman, it’s not gonna fly!”

Mr. Cain responded by explaining how the plan will not increase taxes and he used the example of a loaf of bread having 5 separate taxes on it now and the 9% will take out those 5 taxes and will be replaced by the new 9% tax. As he responded Anderson told him his time was up and stated he would have another 30 seconds to which Herman asked “Tonight” which got a laugh from Bachmann and the audience.

Ron Paul stated it was a regressive tax and would increase taxes on everyone. Mr. Paul focused on the audience members original question asking what would you replace the income tax with and his response was ” I say Nothing”. He continued informing the audience members spending is a tax and he has a program that would cut one trillion dollars out of the budget the first year he is in office.

Herman Cain got his additional 30 seconds at this point only minutes later with this statement ” Once again unfortunately none of my distinguished colleagues who have attacked me up here tonight understand the plan.” His plan replaces the hidden taxes on products with the 9% tax he has proposed. The tax will be a federal level tax not the state tax, apples and oranges.

Later on in the debate Anderson asked Cain who should be the nominee Rick Perry or Mitt Romney to which he replied “I should be the Nominee.” He explained why in several short statements.

Newt Gingrich once again demonstrated his depth of knowledge dealing with the issues that concerned the audience. His responses we clear, concise and on point without swaying from the topic until after the statements were completed. “Maximizing bicker is probably not the road to the White House.” He would challenge President Obama to 3 hour debates with only a time clock to debate the issues.

Michele Bachmann chimed in occasionally as the gentlemen commanded the most time throughout the debate. She mentioned the President is the one who has a problem with immigration as his Aunt and Uncle are here illegally and he ignores it. She wants to build a double walled fence with security all across the border. 113 billion dollars to pay for all illegal immigrants and we need to stop that. Build the fence, enforce English as the official language and work for the people to stop spending money that we don’t have.

Anchor babies are a problem as Michele told how illegals come into this country just to have their children because of the 14th amendment. We have to address this issue and solve the problem of illegals using the amendment to have access to those magnets available to them.

Mitt stated ” Everyone loves legal immigrants”. According to Mitt there are 4.5 million foreigners who want to come into this country legally but cannot because of our immigration problem.  Mr. Romney’s messages was to turn off the magnets that entice them into this country illegally. With the free housing, the employers who are willing to hire illegals to which Rick Perry jumped at the chance to attack once more.   He accused Romney of hiring illegals for two years while knowing they were illegal. The audience on several occasions booed Perry as he continued to press the issues signifying they have had enough of the bickering and wanted to hear solutions especially when he stated “You failed as Governor.”  Perry didn’t help his campaign tonight with his combatant attitude.

Herman Cain received a huge round of applause when he restated his stance with his statement concerning the protesters on Wall Street a few weeks ago.  Anderson ask if he stood by his remarks “If you don’t have a job and you are not rich, blame yourself.” Herman explained the problem wasn’t Wall Street it was the government who gave them the money when they shouldn’t have. Ron Paul agreed stating those involve with the crash never went to jail after all the committee hearings to seek answers to why the problems happened.

If you watch the debate you will find the audience was there with hopes the candidates would offer solutions to the problems persistent in this country. The received some of what they wanted however the constant bickering had many individuals rolling their eyes in disbelief on what they were hearing. If the candidates want to be the Republican nominee they are going to have to present solutions and not personal attacks on those on stage with them.

Locked and Ready to go!

May 17, 2011

Today in Las Vegas another legendary casino locked the doors and will most certainly go by way of the Dunes, Desert Inn and other similar casinos of the past that couldn’t compete in the ever-changing gaming industry. The Sahara opened in 1952 and was one of the few remaining original casinos of that era still in operation.

The property  had several owners including Mr. Bennett the co-founder of Circus Circus. In 1995 Mr. Bennett purchased the casino for somewhere between 150 to 193 million dollars from Del Webb Corporation. At the time Mr. Bennett cashed in his stock options at Circus Circus to renovate and revitalize the Sahara with the idea of bringing back the glorious days of yesteryear.  He spent millions upon millions as he added rooms and modernized both the interior and exterior of the outdated property.

Mr. Bennett ran the property until his death in 2002 realizing he spent more than he should have on the Sahara but felt it was the right thing to do.  He was a pioneer in the industry and helped to influence  the  Las Vegas landscape.  As a Del Webb employee he went to the Mint and turned the money losing operation into a gold mine and later would lease and then purchase Circus Circus with a business partner again making money by catering to the needs of the customer.

The Sahara Casino once a vibrant establishment turned into a run down work place where employees knew they were on borrowed time with business declining on a daily basis. The company operating the Sahara failed to reinvest in the property to keep it fresh and new. Of the nearly 1700 employees most won’t find a job quickly with unemployment hovering around 13% here in the valley. We wish them well as they search for employment.

It is a sad day for Las Vegans once again especially those who have been a part of the Sahara Casino.  The executives from SEB Entertainment stated there are no plans to reopen the Sahara Casino at this time. What we most likely will see is destruction to the site.  Look for an auction in the near future to sell off the assets and then the property will most likely become another victim to an implosion if a buyer doesn’t surface to save this historic casino.