The Times They Are A Changin!

October 22, 2010

Bob Dylan is a prolific song writer who has many great hits with lyrics that are thought-provoking as the title to this song states “The times they are a changin”.  Juan Williams is at the center of a controversy due to a statement he made on the O”Reilly Factor about how uneasy he was when at an airport and Muslims enter the area with their full garb on pushing their religious beliefs.  He stated “I must admit”  while talking about the state of mind he is in and of being fearful when they (the Muslims) put their belief above that of the United States.

This came at a time when Mr. Williams has frequently appeared on the Fox News Network to provide insight and analysis on the issues of the day.  For those of you who already know the name, Mr. Williams is a liberal who believes the views he projects with all his heart. Juan has great debates when he is a guest on any of the talk shows that offer him the opportunity to speak.

Now, the issues here isn’t if we agree with his analysis or views on the issues but did he deserve to be fired over a feeling he gets at airports. If you have ever listened to Juan he believes what he is talking about with all his heart. He is passionate about the issues and will carry on great debates with the hosts of all programs he appears on. Because of his affiliation with Fox they are trying to shut him up by firing him.

Again we don’t have to agree with every issue people represent but we do agree everyone has the right to speak his mind and talk about his views without repercussion as long as they do not cross the threshold the Supreme Court deems incites . Juan is liberal mind you but he will sit and discuss the issues with respect shown toward those hosting the program which I commend him for as most liberal debate without facts or figures and us emotions to drive home their point.

Well Juan NPR is no big loss to you. You will be fine and will get an opportunity to shine without having to look back and wonder why those in charge at NPR would release a thought-provoking individual such as yourself.  Remember you are only as good as those you surround yourself with, you’re in good hands at the Fox News Network.

Let this be a lesson for anyone who has a voice in this country, if you speak out against those who have an agenda that doesn’t agree with yours, you will be dealt with.  The George Soros’s of the world have their ideologies and institutions where they attempt to control all those around them.  Those days are gone Mr. Soros, the people of America will no longer allow individuals like yourself to control our destination.

Bob Dylan didn’t know exactly what influence those words would have on American culture I am sure. The times they are a Changing and no one will be able to stop this movement by the American Citizens who have risen up to fight for a Country they believe in.

This leads us back to the elections coming up in less than 10 days. Stand up and have your voices heard by voting for those individuals that will best represent what you believe in. The two-party system has torn apart our political process because of the greed factor that goes with the powers they weld. We can return the powers to the people and the States when we vote.

I received a card in the mail today and on the back was a seal with this inscription, “It is the duty of the Patriot to protect his Country from his Government.” Thomas Paine.  We are at that point folks, we must fight with letters, calls and rallies to let those in power know that the abuse of office will not be tolerated any longer. Whether you are an individual with billions trying to sway the public opinion or our elected official we will stand up against you when you ignore our wishes.

Best of luck in your new home at Fox Mr. Williams. Look toward the future as you now have become a victim of  the left-wing progressives that do not like you  due to your frequent appearances on Fox.  The times they are a changin.  Here is a link to the lyrics, they are pretty deep into the situation we are facing, maybe Dylan did understand where we were heading.