Senator Ensign resigns amid scandal

April 23, 2011

For the past few years Senator Ensign (R)Nevada has been fighting to keep his position in the Senate amid ethic violations stemming from an affair with a staff member.  Yesterday he announced he will vacate his seat leaving many wondering why.

The rumors flow fast and furious concerning grand jury indictments and other forms of sanctions the news media picked up on. However what no one is talking about is what will happen to the seat once vacated.

We have heard Governor Sandoval will appoint Dean Heller to the Senate seat once John resigns.  Why is this happening now instead of a year or two ago when the scandal broke.  For starters Senator Ensign thought he would still be a force in the Senate to help push conservative values.  Now that time has passed, the Republican Party realizes the seat will be up for grabs to any candidate and party who raise the most money and positions themselves to win with the best ad campaign.  The Republicans don’t want to lose that seat to any other political party so the maneuvering has begun.

The biggest threat to the Republicans is Shelley Berkley who has stated she would run for the seat once John announced he would not seek another term.  She is a political machine finding ways to win elections each race regardless where she stands in the polls.  She can win campaigns and that scares the Republicans.

With Dean Heller in the Senate seat he will gain valuable experience while all the other candidates vie for a place on the ballot as they travel around the State campaigning.  Sure Dean will have to campaign like all the rest but as you know incumbents win 80% of the time when running for re-election. As an incumbent Senator, Mr. Heller will be tough to beat regardless of the opposition lined up running for the position.

This is a political maneuver that will help the Republicans maintain this Senate seat with Ensigns resignation.  Watch as the campaign heats up to see how many individuals decide to run against Heller who by the way is a popular representative in his district.