Who’s In Control?

March 2, 2011

Who’s in control?  Everyone wants to know I am positive.  With chaos blooming in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, even in the great state of Nevada rallies are happening in the Capitals to fight for and against the ideologies of the newly elected Governors. Who actually runs everyday operations of our government?

In Wisconsin last weekend there were close to 100 thousand demonstrators from all across the nation rallying to support the union members that Scott Walker has alienated by proposing budget cuts that affect their pay.  He has a 2 billion dollar shortfall in the treasury that has to be addressed according to the State Constitution which mandates a balanced budget with no deficit spending allowed.

Those at the rally support their pay and their benefits as they state they deserve them.  In one interview a teacher stated she deserves everything she receives and Governor Walker doesn’t have the right to take away what is rightfully hers. We presume she was talking about the collective bargaining issue because the union stated they agreed to raise the percentage of contributions members make to their health care and retirement packages. The union employees pay 6% of their health care cost and nothing towards their retirement benefits. They, the employees who belong to the union are willing to sacrifice

On the other side individuals are rallying in support of Scott Walker and his attempt to reign in the special perks government employees enjoy due to the union influence during contract negotiations.  Those private sector employees express concern over the salaries of public sector employees which by some estimates are up to 50% higher than theirs.  They also believe government employees should pay more for insurance and retirement benefits such as theirs.  More than the 6.0% and 5.8% proposed as stated above.

Rallies across the country hit the capitals with citizens from both sides expressing their views of the budget cuts, the unions and the governors.  It appears as if all the freshmen Governors are holding true to their campaign promises.  They promised to cut the size and scope of their state bureaucracies and reduce the spending without raising taxes.

So who is in control really, do we know yet. Democratic Senators  left the state because they do not have the votes to stop the legislation from passing. They were elected to represent the people not run and hide from them as they are doing. So we have to ask the question once again, who’s in control?  Is the Governor in control or is it the people once again on both sides who are taking a stand for what they believe in?