Governor Sandoval Signs Smoking Bill

June 28, 2011

Assembly Bill 571 was signed into law by Governor Sandoval (R) Nv. allowing stand alone bars with restaurants smoking where no one under the age of 21 are permitted.  With the signing of this bill citizens are up in arms about it since the no smoking ban was voted on by the people back in 2006 and passed with 72% of the citizens in favor of the ban.

As I talk to people across the State they could not understand how a bill voted on by the people could be overturned by the Nevada Legislature just 5 years after the bill was passed without going to the public once again for a vote.  Many of these individuals stated they will not vote for Mr. Sandoval in the next election because of this overturning of the “Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act”.  What they don’t understand is the bill was not replaced and thrown out but changed to offer the smoking in stand alone bars, saloons, or taverns where minors are not allow as stated above.

The patrons of  restaurants in Nevada can still go to eat without fear of someone lighting up during their meal.  The law is still intact for many of the areas in the original bill.  The schools, restaurants, office buildings, malls, child care facilities, movie theaters, video arcades alone with a host of other settings will remain smoke free. The only change to the law pertains to the stand alone bars with restaurants, again as stated above.

I have not talked with anyone who goes into a bar without the understanding there will be drinking and smoking within the establishment.  It is what is expected when in a drinking establishment just as gambling is expected in a gaming establishment.  Hopefully those upset with the new section added to the existing law will realize it did not eradicate the law with one swoop of the pen at the Governors Mansion. Read the bill here.