Salvation Army Working For US.

December 25, 2010

Last week I read an article about the non-profits working to feed and cloth Americans who are struggling. The article reviewed the administrative costs associated with each organization to clarify just how much is being spent on those in need and those working for the non-profits.

I had an opportunity to speak with a professional grant writer over the weekend and found that many organizations working to help others can do wonders with high administrative costs.  Take the American Red Cross, they raise over 3.3 billion dollars a year in funds.  They may have to pay more up front in costs to generate that type of income from donations however they have more money to distribute than they would have if they didn’t participate in fundraisers.

The Salvation Army is another organization working with a large pool of donations.  With over 9 thousand centers that help nearly 27 million individuals the charity is quite different then the Red Cross because it is considered a church.  Founded in 1865 in the slums of London to help those in the Christian community by a preacher named William Booth.  The Salvation Army continues to help in several areas that are of concern to Christian values.  They also generate over 3 billion in donations each year with approximately 75% of the funding going to the charitable causes.

Whereas a small locate non-profit may have a smaller administrative percentage because they have one office and usually no paid staff.  They do not generate billions in funding, yet they do impact the local community with their support.

My advice to others when looking to give to a  non-profit is to find one that represents the issues that are near and dear to yours. Find out how much they raise in donations and then how much is spent on salaries in their administration.  If  they only generate  a few hundred thousand dollars and have 30 or 40 percent going to administrative costs possibly you may want to look elsewhere.


Enjoy your holidays and we will be back after the New Year with our blogs. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Terry Suominen

Patriot Express Radio