Who Can We Trust

March 10, 2011

As we deal with the rising deficits occurring in local, state and federal governments we have to ask ourselves, “Who Can We Trust!” Just about everyone in politics will tell you one thing and then once you turn your back, bam they do something contrary to what they had stated.

As we listen to politicians on the Hill giving their speeches we have to ask ourselves once again, “Who Can We Trust”.  Representative Maxine Waters is on the floor stating people what jobs and the Republicans are attempting to dismantle the Health Care Reform bill.  She goes on to state no one is going to jail over the fraudulent activities on wall street and someone should be going to jail over the housing market crisis.

At Patriot Express Radio we agree with Ms. Waters, someone should go to jail over the crisis created by those in power. We will start with Ms. Waters as one of those who should be in jail when the Bush administration wanted to investigate Freddie and Fannie back in 2004, she was at the front of the line stating those at Freddie and Fannie did not have a problem.  As a matter of fact she stated ” We do not have a crisis at Freddie Mac and in particular at Fannie Mae under the outstanding leadership of Mr. Frank Raines.” Mr. Raines later would be found to be cooking the books to receive million dollar bonuses for his outstanding leadership skills.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MGT_cSi7Rs

Today we have members of Congress discussing the dismantling of both entities citing problems stemming from  millions of dollars going to campaigns to key members of  Congress to turn their heads and let the corruption within the organizations carry on.  We don’t like to look back and point fingers however we must understand that the corruption from within caused this housing crisis which we will not climb out of for at least 10 years if not more.

We as Americans must not let corrupt politicians continue to erode the quality of life for all citizens to further their personal agenda’s.   Now we have to deal with political leaders who ran campaigns to do what is right for their constituents and again we have to ask, “Who Can We Trust?