Where do we go now?

October 25, 2012

So much has happened in the past four years here in America and around the world. Where do we go now? With elections just two weeks away American’s have a huge choice to make when decided the path our nation will travel down the next four years.  Many individuals we talked to have given up hope and don’t want to vote in this election cycle.

Why do these individuals not want to vote. Some of them claim they voted for Obama and are disgusted in the way he has handled the economic crisis along with the foreign policies which make us look weak.

Others say they don’t like the Republican challenger because he has made so much money in the private sector he may not work for the middle class as he has stated on the campaign trail. They fear he will be for big business and Wall Street types neglecting the individuals who are really struggling in this economy.

Regardless of your position, party affiliation or thoughts and ideas of where this country needs to be there is one thing that is sure, if you don’t vote, your voice will not be heard and will be silenced.  Remember Florida was won by Bush by just under 600 votes and many have express concern because they failed to vote in the Sunshine state.

Have your voices heard and get out and vote. Find the candidates who best represent you and your views in the local elections, in the State elections and in the Federal elections.  There is too much at stake not to vote…


Up in Arms over Romney’s High School Daze

May 10, 2012

Today news broke that Romney once held down a long-haired individual and cut his hair while attending the Cranbrooks School in Michigan.  According to Mitt he doesn’t recollect on the incident but apologized for any of his antics that may have hurt people back in 1962 as a 16-year-old student.

Now that the press has opened this bucket of worms will we final get information on Obama and his past?  Will we find out just who and what he did at his high school or even have access to his college records.  No, I don’t think so, he has been covering up his past spending millions to keep all records sealed from the light of day.

It is amazing what the far left will do as the polls show Romney in a close race against the incumbent President.  The Pew Research Center along with the Rasmussen has Romney sitting at 49% and Obama at 45% in the latest poll released today.  Just a few months ago the President enjoyed a 12 point lead in the polls before all Republican contenders dropped from the race.

This race is going to be one we remember for quite some time.  The Democrat who preached “Hope and Change” to a population tired and weary of politics as usual in Washington.  He delivered on his promise,which isn’t what the majority of American’s hoped for.   The Republican who insists he is the Conservative who will bring back jobs and help the economy since the past three years have been a disaster.

Come November this nation will find out who will reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Will it be a return engagement for Mr. Obama, will Mitt finally achieve his dream or will a third-party member upset the whole process and turn politics as usual on its head. The latter is probable, but highly impossible. So we will have to wait to see which candidate will gain the support of American voters this election cycle.

Senator Ensign resigns amid scandal

April 23, 2011

For the past few years Senator Ensign (R)Nevada has been fighting to keep his position in the Senate amid ethic violations stemming from an affair with a staff member.  Yesterday he announced he will vacate his seat leaving many wondering why.

The rumors flow fast and furious concerning grand jury indictments and other forms of sanctions the news media picked up on. However what no one is talking about is what will happen to the seat once vacated.

We have heard Governor Sandoval will appoint Dean Heller to the Senate seat once John resigns.  Why is this happening now instead of a year or two ago when the scandal broke.  For starters Senator Ensign thought he would still be a force in the Senate to help push conservative values.  Now that time has passed, the Republican Party realizes the seat will be up for grabs to any candidate and party who raise the most money and positions themselves to win with the best ad campaign.  The Republicans don’t want to lose that seat to any other political party so the maneuvering has begun.

The biggest threat to the Republicans is Shelley Berkley who has stated she would run for the seat once John announced he would not seek another term.  She is a political machine finding ways to win elections each race regardless where she stands in the polls.  She can win campaigns and that scares the Republicans.

With Dean Heller in the Senate seat he will gain valuable experience while all the other candidates vie for a place on the ballot as they travel around the State campaigning.  Sure Dean will have to campaign like all the rest but as you know incumbents win 80% of the time when running for re-election. As an incumbent Senator, Mr. Heller will be tough to beat regardless of the opposition lined up running for the position.

This is a political maneuver that will help the Republicans maintain this Senate seat with Ensigns resignation.  Watch as the campaign heats up to see how many individuals decide to run against Heller who by the way is a popular representative in his district.

GOP vs Palin

November 12, 2010

The news going around the nation after the election is that Sarah Palin caused Democrats to keep hold of the Senate.  Now, the question is will she campaign for the Presidency in 2012?

After spending the past year and a half dealing with political issues I am confident the answer is NO.  Here is my observation on this issue.

Palin is setting up a coalition by backing conservative candidates and speaking at rallies to help those individuals win elections.  She needs a strong coalition of candidates that will align themselves with her and what she stands for.

To date the candidates she backed have won just over 60% of the campaigns. Palin will continue to travel the country backing candidates with like minds until there are enough elected into all offices both State and Federal to fulfill her quest for the White House.

When Palin has built her coalition of conservative representatives she will announce her candidacy for President of the United States and only when the candidates of her choice are in office.

I believe 2012 will be to early for Palin to announce her intentions but 2016 will be the probable date she could have enough like-minded representatives elected to help her win the campaign across the nation.

During these next few years Sarah will hone her skills to deal with the media. She will learn more details on all aspects of the economy, foreign affairs and what will need to happen to return the power to the states, away from the Federal Government.

Stay tuned for the outcome of this chapter on Palin vs Republican. We will keep our eyes peeled and bring you news when it happens.

Our Voices Have Been Heard

November 3, 2010

Tonight has been a historical night in the elections across the nation.  The voices of the people have been heard and now those who have been elected must follow their campaign promises or we will be in the same boat with the next election cycle.

Marco Rubio wins big in Florida, Rand Paul in Kentucky and Halley in South Carolina.  All with one message to the citizens of this great nation, bring fiscal responsiblity back to the Halls of Congress. They will be held to a higher standard than those who preceded them.  They have a crisis in their sights that must be addressed with sleeves rolled up going at it without reservation to regain control of our economy, our out of control spending and our out of touch elected officials.

The citizens have pushed for a new mandate against the past two years of the Obama program which has eroded the quality of living in our households.  There are so many issues they have to face to cut the federal spending, the size of the federal government and the back room deals that cost taxpayers billions of dollars in wasteful programs.

We now are in a phase of a new beginning for all candidates in all campaigns in all elected offices from local, county, state and federal.

Good luck to those who succeeded in winning their respective races and congratulations to those who campaigned to have their voices heard and came in a close second.  We are a great nation because of these freedoms our military continually fight for both here and abroad.

This Day We Will Remember

November 2, 2010

Okay we talked about this day for the past year now and it is finally upon us, the mid-term elections.   With these elections all across the country we will either make history or be history. This day we will remember as we remember our nations past struggles.

Today I was engaged in a discussion about the condition of our nation. The individual stated that had we done nothing we would be far worst off than we are now speaking about the 787 billion dollar bailout money.  The discussion went on for 2o minutes about what transpired within Obama’s administration as he took over an economy that was losing 700 thousand jobs a month. Bailing out private companies that were ill managed and skimming off profits to pay millions in bonuses.

My argument was this: Had we taken half or three-quarters of that stimulus money and distributed it to the tax payers of this country instead of those businesses that were “Too big to fail” we would have alleviated the deep recession we are now in.

If each tax paying citizen of the nation would have received 200 thousand dollars in stimulus money I assure you they would have saved their homes, bought new cars and or replace furnishings  within days of receiving the check from our well oiled government.

I am not saying I agree with the government handing out money to anyone or anything, however since they were going to spend that money the taxpaying citizens should have received it so they could spend it how they deemed fit.

Most everyone I talked with about this proposal said they would have paid off their home and replaced their car with a new one that got better gas mileage. One one individual said they would hide the money and let their home be foreclosed on.

This of course didn’t happen because the tax paying citizens didn’t donate millions of dollars to the Obama campaign so he couldn’t just give it up to common everyday folks like you and I.  No, he had to arrange for SEIU and other entities that were close to him and his campaign to receive the billions of dollars in tarp money.

Now we have a chance to have our voices heard once again.  A vote that is a referendum on the direction our country travels.  Do we continue down the path that has eroded the quality of life here in America of every citizen who lives here?  Or, do we stand up and finally vote for those individuals that are not corrupted by the political parties as of yet with hopes they will remain true to their word to us.

This vote will be the change that many American’s so desperately are looking for. Not the change you can believe in rhetoric spewed out during the last campaign cycle.  The change will be for the people of this great nation to stand tall and request their representatives work for them.

Make sure you get out to vote and have your voice heard.