The New Year Ahead

January 18, 2015

The New Year ahead will bring many changes to Patriot Express Radio. The past year I have devoted more time to my businesses and less time to my blogs. This was not my intention, however bills had to be paid. With the new year my plan is to revamp the website, upgrading the content with modern technology to have much  more information and messaging available.

This we are currently working on, within two months we should be up and running on the new platform. Just in time for the campaigning cycle as we follow what is happening across this great nation of ours.  Stay tuned as Patriot Express Radio moves into a new era, we are excited for the change. Thank you one and all.

What happened to taking personal responsibility for our actions

December 8, 2014

After all the recent demonstrations across the country I have to ask, what happened to taking personal responsibility for our actions?  We as a nation have continually elected individuals to serve as public servants who continue to take this country off the deep end of which we will soon be at the point of no return.

Our nation just went over 18 trillion in debt. Our president wants 263 billion as a response to what took place in Ferguson as looters and rioters destroyed the city. Yes, camera’s on police will stop all the violence in this nation. Sure we have a few individuals in uniform who may push the envelop of power but when citizens resist a command from a uniformed officer and becomes combatant, where is the accountability for their actions.

Each day our police and military personal dress in their uniforms to protect the American people with the knowledge they may take their last breath at anytime during their daily routine.  That is the price they may have to pay for protecting our freedoms which we value so deeply.

Why are individuals allowed to disrespect those in uniform by resisting a command to cease and desist in the activity they are engaged in, then when something  bad happens we do not hold those individuals accountable for their actions?  Obey the command, listen to the request and after all is said and done if you don’t like the treatment or the outcome of the situation file a complaint and/or hire a lawyer to resolve the issue at hand.

Death is a terrible thing when it is unexpected, we feel for the families that have lost loved ones through no fault of their own. Death by the hand of another individual is devastating for all families involved premeditated or not.

Tragedy can be averted in many cases if individuals respected their lives more then their hatred of the law.  Peaceful protesting is the American way to help spread the message in a responsible way not looting and rioting, burning down a city to make a point. No one wins there.

American Pride

April 12, 2012

American Pride

Proud and Strong

4th of July

July 3, 2011

I want to take this time to wish everyone a safe and healthy 4th of July.  Throughout the history of this great nation we have celebrated this day as Independence Day.  The day we claimed our country as our own against all odds according to history.  Yes a rag-tag band of brothers united to fight for a land they believed in.   After the Revolution we would unite as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

As we grew into a nation our Constitution gave each individual unalienable rights that no government could take away.  The Founding Fathers reflected on writings which included John Locke to create a nation that would protect individuals from unnecessary intrusion.  Our forefathers wrote a Constitution that has withstood the test of time while constantly being challenged.

Thank you to all who have fought for our nation to protect her borders and her citizens from foreign invasion.  Both past and present Patriots have played a role in our nations history keeping alive the visions of those who formed this great nation.  Let’s hope we continue to remember our Constitution and our nation are second to none.  Be proud to be an American for no other nation in the world will fight for your god given rights as this nation will.

Have a splendid 4th of July with family, friends and military.  Bless each and every Patriot.