70 years ago, it happened

December 6, 2011

Tomorrow we revisit the attack on Pearl Harbor which transpired 70 years ago.  Beginning at 7:53 AM, Japanese dive bombers dropped 1760 pound explosives on the decks of our fleet destroying 8 Battleships including the USS Arizona. Our Military Family went to work defending the sovereignty of our land with little regard for their personal safety shooting at the Kamikaze pilots with all they had. The surprise attack took 2403 lives that day and wounded more than a 1000 others in just under the two-hour raid.

As we honor our fallen heroes be reminded without our militia this Great Nation would not exist as our Founding Fathers intended it to be. We would not have a Constitution that has withstood all that has been presented to her. We as a nation would have crumbled. For over two hundred and fifty years this nation has been able to prosper because of the uniqueness of the people who came here for freedoms not allowed anywhere else in the World.

December 7, 1941 “A date which will live in infamy” as President Roosevelt stated to Congress and the World over a live radio broadcast just one day after the attack asking Congress for a “Declaration of War” citing the Japanese as our enemy. ¬†World War II would be a struggle to remain free unlike the first World War where we became allies ensuring their freedom from Nazi Germany.

Be thankful for what we have here in America and thank those armed forces members who routinely are put in harms way so we can continue to work and prosper without fear of our Government seizing our land, money and children. God Bless America and all our Military Families out there.