Campaign promises or just a way to get elected

May 23, 2012

We all understand that politicians lie when trying to get re-elected to an office whether county, state or federal; they lie or embellish the truth.  Do these same individuals lie in their first campaigns into office or are they just assimilated into the process once elected?

In Nevada we have candidates knocking on doors, leaving hangers with hopes of discussing their stances with the voters.  They get tax rolls, demographics of voters whether Democrat, Republican, Independent and the likes.

Many candidates all of whom have been Democrats I have talked with over the past few weeks are knocking on my door to discuss the issues.  Not because they know me, or think I will love and embrace their platform but because they believe I am a registered Democrat.

Since my wife works in a union environment these candidates think I agree with all they stand for.  I don’t.  Several candidates have good intentions because in fact they love their country but fall short because of their belief that higher taxes will solve every thing.

Yesterday I was talking to Steven Parke, candidate for Assembly District 21.  He caught me as I was backing out of the driveway to head to Big G Auto where I get my vehicles worked on.

I put down my window as he approached my vehicle and handed his door knocker to me through the window.  I asked him what his top three priorities would be if elected and why.

Steven didn’t hesitant to discuss the first issue that needs to be address in the next Legislative session. Steven believes taxes have to go up, but not in the conventional way as most Democrats believe.  He does not want to raise taxes on all businesses just to increase revenue but on a certain industry that has power in this state.

He stated he would present legislation that would increase the taxes paid by the gold industry prevalent inNorthern Nevada. Suggesting “they pay their fair share” like so many other businesses do in the State.

That is a bold stance coming from a Democrat trying to win a seat inCarson Citywhen so much money comes from those unions to gain favor from candidates who should happen to get elected.

As a Democrat Steven stated he would not consider himself a right winger but some one who is more independent with his thoughts on how to rein in the problems this state faces. We discussed the problems being problems of Americans, not just those of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or other groups across the nation.

He agreed we need to work together to bring solutions to the cambers that will help every citizen and not just those of one party or another. This is refreshing to hear because this nation needs leaders that lead for the country and not their personal interests

Steven believed what he was saying would be good for the country. Some of it would if he could implement it. But as a freshman in the Assembly could he fulfill his campaign promises or fall prey to the leaders with years and years of tenor under their belts, time will tell if he happens to get elected.

Real Conservatives are for Ron Paul, not Mitt Romney

May 16, 2012

Real conservatives are cringing at the fact the establishment of the Republican Party have endorsed Mitt Romney as their guy. Looking at his record as Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt wasn’t really that conservative. He passed RomneyCare which ObamaCare was tailored after.  He raised (taxes) fees equaling $730 million dollars his first year in office while running  his election campaign stating he would not raise taxes if elected.

As candidate for governor he stated he was Pro choice as women should be able to “preserve and protect” their right to choose. He also  stated “I will not create jobs that kill people” referring to PG&E company under attack for not cleaning up and creating a safe environment for the workers and citizens of the state.

Mitt did some good as the Governor by cutting the budget and spending to help reduce the billions of dollars in deficits he inherited from the prior administration.  This was done with a majority of Democratic leaders in the State Legislature, a feat that would seem impossible today.

With that said, real conservatives are for Ron Paul, not Mitt Romney.  So as the Republican Party Convention edges closer and closer to Tampa Ron Paul announced a new strategy a few days ago as he moves forward with his bid for the White House. With funding  difficult to capture the Paul campaign will quit spending on media advertising throughout the rest of the campaign. Instead they will attempt to secure enough delegates in each state to head to Tampa and vote for him if Romney does not receive the required votes for nomination on the first go around.

Just a few weeks ago, the Central Committee arm of the Republican Party informed the leaders of the Nevada GOP they will not be allowed at the convention in Florida if Paul supporters are the majority of delegates sent to Tampa.

The Republican base nationally are outraged and want Mitt as their man and went as far as to send a letter to state officials of the Republican Party to stop the infiltration of Paul delegates or not be invited to the convention. O f course the letter is non binding as what the Paul campaign is doing is well within their rights.

By stacking the delegates in Tampa the Paul  campaign wants an advantage no advertising expense can give you.  If Romney doesn’t win the nomination on the first count those delegates committed to Paul can then vote for him during the second count.

Up in Arms over Romney’s High School Daze

May 10, 2012

Today news broke that Romney once held down a long-haired individual and cut his hair while attending the Cranbrooks School in Michigan.  According to Mitt he doesn’t recollect on the incident but apologized for any of his antics that may have hurt people back in 1962 as a 16-year-old student.

Now that the press has opened this bucket of worms will we final get information on Obama and his past?  Will we find out just who and what he did at his high school or even have access to his college records.  No, I don’t think so, he has been covering up his past spending millions to keep all records sealed from the light of day.

It is amazing what the far left will do as the polls show Romney in a close race against the incumbent President.  The Pew Research Center along with the Rasmussen has Romney sitting at 49% and Obama at 45% in the latest poll released today.  Just a few months ago the President enjoyed a 12 point lead in the polls before all Republican contenders dropped from the race.

This race is going to be one we remember for quite some time.  The Democrat who preached “Hope and Change” to a population tired and weary of politics as usual in Washington.  He delivered on his promise,which isn’t what the majority of American’s hoped for.   The Republican who insists he is the Conservative who will bring back jobs and help the economy since the past three years have been a disaster.

Come November this nation will find out who will reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Will it be a return engagement for Mr. Obama, will Mitt finally achieve his dream or will a third-party member upset the whole process and turn politics as usual on its head. The latter is probable, but highly impossible. So we will have to wait to see which candidate will gain the support of American voters this election cycle.

Ann Romney speaks out

April 25, 2012

Tonight Ann Romney talked with audience members in New Hampshire as the results of the primaries came in with her husband sweeping all five states. She spoke with a passion as if she and the audience were at a kitchen table or sitting on a couch in some ones living room.

With a smile from ear to ear, Ann began with “WOW” continuing with “it’s good to be back here” as the crowd roared at every word spoken.  She told the story why the Romney family set out just over a year ago talking about this campaign in their living room stating “and I was hesitant” knowing they went through a tough primary four years ago.

Mrs. Romney standing at the podium with the message across the front “A Better America Begins Tonight” she told the room full of supporters she was emphatic that would be the last Presidential Campaign they would be involved in. She spoke at the Radisson Hotel in Downtown Manchester nervous at moments as her message was sent out.

With watery eyes Ann told the crowd she was reminded by her husband of 43 years that “I said that after every pregnancy”.  Ann continued “but I knew our country was in real trouble, I knew our country needed real leadership to turn these things around so I asked Mitt one simple question, can you fix it?  He said yes and that’s all I needed to know. I said, I said if you can fix it, we need to do this.”

As she introduced her husband Mitt Romney the crowd went wild with enthusiasm, cheering and clapping as he walked up to the microphone to thank all those who help win these primaries. As he spoke he half heartedly smiled as is his pattern thanking not only those who voted but he went on “and tonight I can also say, thank you America, because after 43 primaries and caucuses, many long days and more than a few long nights I can say with confidence and gratitude that you have given me a great honor and solemn responsibility and together we are going to win on November 6th.”

Mitt talked about the weak leadership in this nation. He talked about the “mom and dad” on food stamps for the first time in their lives. He talked about business owners who had to cut back in order to keep their doors open.  His message to America is this “hold on a little longer, a better America begins tonight”.

Above the crowds yells and screams “go Mitt go”, he continued “the last few years have been the best that Barack Obama could do, but it is not the best America can do. Tonight is the beginning of the end of the disappointments of the Obama years and it’s the start of the new and better chapter we will write together.”

Many citizens may not agree Mitt can fix this country, however after three years of the promises from Obama many individuals are worst off today then they were when he took office.  Under the Obama administration our debt has risen, our unemployment has risen, our foreclosure rate has risen and our chances to advance at our workplace has diminished.

The issues we face today are far greater than the ones from four years ago.The message from the Republican establishment is simple, Mitt is the man.  From others outside the beltway the message from conservatives is, vote for anyone but Obama.  Will Americans rally behind Mitt or will they remain split and campaign for the candidate they believe in such as Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul?”

This election is about freedom and a less intrusive government. This election is about doing what is right for the country once again. Can Mitt fix it, if elected we hope so.

American Pride

April 12, 2012

American Pride

Proud and Strong

Republican Party Seems Lost

April 3, 2012

With primaries being held today in Wisconsin, Washington D.C. and Maryland it appears as if the Republican Party seems lost.  There still are four candidates campaigning across the nation hoping to make it to the convention with one Republican Candidate securing the necessary delegates to win outright.

Voters can not get behind Romney, the Caucasian Obama. Many voters understand Mitt changes his platform as often as he changes venues. “Etch a Sketch”  loves the man for revitalizing the erasable screen toy sales which seems to resemble his stances on everything. Today I stand by it and tomorrow I will erase whatever it is I stated from the slate.

Santorum wants Americans to believe he is the conservative candidate as he campaigns across the nation.  Citizens are buying into his promises of saving the nation. Yet as a Senator he voted on raises for Congress, voted to raise the debt ceiling on at least 6 different occasions and voted for pork barrel projects which he states are not voted on with the best interest of the nation at heart.

Gingrich has a website full of solutions to the problems we face in America. The problem here is every once in a while the old Newt appears and voters don’t like that Newt.  They like the man who talks with them in a caring and non assuming way as if he were your father, grandfather or a close uncle.

Paul continues to state the obvious as Americans continue to rally around him.  His message of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as projected in our Constitution drive his campaign.  He continues to talk to thousands of people at rallies across the nation, yet media coverage doesn’t seem to broadcast the real action seen.

The Republican voter appears to want another candidate to vote for.  They are not happy with this field of candidates made obvious by the lack of any one of them pulling away with the race toward the White House.  The  Republican establishment would prefer Mitt Romney knowing he will be their puppet if elected.  Many voters interviewed in Las Vegas believe he will not be the leader he claims he will be. These voters believe he will win the nomination but they are praying he doesn’t because they don’t agree with his platform or his views. They say he is out of touch with “real America.”

Will voters across the nation have a candidate to vote for they believe in come November? Or, will they hightail it out of this country and say they have had enough of the corruption running rampant in the Halls of Congress. Come November will the Republican Party endorse a candidate the people believe in or will they endorse a candidate who can raise money for the party.  Time will tell.

State of the Union Speech 2012

January 25, 2012

This year the speech started with a huge round of applause from both sides of the aisle as Representative Giffords name was called out. The applause lasted for several minutes as members showed admiration for her strength and courage as she fights back from a near fatal shooting at one of her campaign rallies last year.

The President started with a soft “Thank you” as he received several minutes of recognition clapping and cheering his arrival. Speaker Boehner introduced the President as all others have in the past.  He stated last month he greeted many soldiers as they returned from war zones across the ocean signifying the end of the wars.

“For the first time in 9 years there are no American’s fighting in Iraq.” He continued stating the achievements of our military personal and extended a thought “Imagine what we could accomplish if we” worked like them.  He discussed how hard work pays off in any economy.  He talked about his relatives who were part of the America success story during the greatest days of this nation.

He discussed how everyone needs to get a shot and a fair shake and plays by the same set of rules. “What’s at stake are not Democrat values, Republican values, but American values.”  Hard working Americans struggled as the top members of organizations prospered with huge bonuses and payroll. “It was wrong” our President stated.

“In the last twenty-two months businesses have created more than 3 million jobs.” American manufacturers are hiring once again and his administration has placed in effect new rules so the greed of those CEO’s will never bring about another economic crisis again. He goes on to lay out a blue print for the future of America.

It beings with “American Manufacturing” and having the strength to set standards to help those businesses that were nearly bankrupt just a few years ago. “We bet on American Workers” and now the industry is back  because of the policies he initiated. A few weeks ago the President stated the CEO of Masterlock told him it makes sense to bring jobs back home now and they are at full capacity for the first time since 2005.

The President segued into the tax codes and policies for companies that outsource jobs. He also mentioned no company should have less of a tax burden for relocating out of the country. Business need to be rewarded for remaining here in the United States and those who leave must pay higher taxes.

Competitors must play by the rules and his administration has helped stop China and other nations from cheating the system. Tonight the President announced his plan to bring on a new agency that will monitor foreign countries and the products they ship into our country.  This ” Trade Enforcement Unit”  will inspect for counterfeit products being imported to level the playing field.

President Obama talked about our Education system and how we as a Nation must increase resources to keep the best teachers on the job and teach to learn not to test. He went on to say we need to get rid of those instructors who are not fit to teach the students. The President went on to insist every state keep students in school through graduation or until 18 without the ability to dropout.

Student aid was addressed next by insisting higher education do their part to keep costs down. Higher is an “economic imperative” that every American deserves to have.  “I believe as strongly as ever we need to take on illegal immigration”.  “We need comprehensive immigration reform right now.”   At this point he received a huge round of applause as he continued to address this issue.

“Women should earn equal pay for equal work” in our economy. Every individual should be supported for innovation and inventiveness. He now wants to tear down regulations that create problems for entrepreneurs. The President wants a bill on his desk so he can sign it.  American made energy is where our future is and according to the President we need to open more land to increase production and develop “Every available source of energy” with government help where needed.

Clean energy is the energy of the future. The President will not stop working towards this sector of energy regardless of the feelings of America.  He wants to give incentives to businesses to stop wasteful use of energy and subsidies for building the clean energy future.

Next, with the money we no longer a spending on war he wants to take half and pay down our debt and the other half to rebuild the infrastructure of our country.  This will create jobs for all Americans.

With the housing crisis the President wants to offer lower interest loans to homeowners in need. No more irresponsible behavior, rules will be enacted to prevent the problems elevated in the mortgage industry that created this crisis. He wants to take away incentives that make the playing field advantageous for one member of society and not another.

Anti-fraud laws will be adhered to and he wants new and sweeping legislation passed holding business entities accountable for fraudulent activity against society.  No longer should predatory lending practices be condoned.

Our tax policies need reform so millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share of taxes. 25% of millionaires pay less taxes than a million middle class members of this society. Those struggling in this economy do not need increases, they need relief.  Those fortunate enough to make millions should pay their fair share, that is all the President is asking. With this tax policy we can reduce our deficit according to President Obama.

Finally the President stated none of these issues can be worked on unless both parties work together to do what is good for the people and not just those in Congress or any other Federal employee.  The government needs to be reduced in size and the President wants freedom from Congress to enact these sweeping reforms without having Congress meddling.

“America is back” is the message from leaders from all around the world. As President, Obama intends to continue to work with all nations helping to secure our country and those of our allies.  Our armed Force Members are to be taken care of better than they had been in the past. As President funding for military has increased each year and will continue to do so as those members serve our Nation.

This was a much different State of the Union speech than any of his previous ones.  The President offered solutions, addressing the problems facing America today.  This was a Clinton moment as he moved away from his far left visions for this nation and came to the middle.

Many of the problems we have are because Congress is broken and both parties continually vote on issues good for their personal agenda or that of campaign contributors.  The United States can succeed with citizens working together with their representatives to pass legislation that is good for the Nation. This was one of the Presidents better speeches due to the fact he finally stopped placing blame on everyone but him for the State of the Union.

What he failed to mention was the trillions of dollars spent that we don’t have. What he failed to mention was the fact Congress and Harry Reid have not passed a budget in 1000 days which is required by law.  What he failed to mention was how we were going to pay for all these new and exciting programs to help lead us down this path of productivity.

Merry Christmas

December 23, 2011

With Christmas just a few short days away we at Patriot Express wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.  If you’re celebrating another holiday we wish you a Happy Holiday for you and your family.

This year has been exciting and rewarding as we traveled a path never anticipated.  We hope all your dreams and aspirations are met with conviction and dedication as you travel the path of life in the upcoming year.  Peace to all as we celebrate with family and friends and we will be back once again as the New Year rings in.  Thank you from all at Patriot Express Radio.

Insider Trading is illegal

December 7, 2011

“It is unlawful to use or employ any stop-loss order in connection with the purchase or sale, of any security registered on a national securities exchange, in contravention of such rules and regulations as the Commission may prescribe as necessary or appropriate in the public interest or for the protection of investors.” as stated in Section 10 of the ” Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Everybody understands insider trading is illegal, unless you’re in Congress, the Executive Branch or the Legislative Branch of our Government.  For years the American citizens feelings towards Congress have been plummeting in an uncontrollable spiral downward as we learn details concerning their moral character, ethical standards along with their blatant attempts to bride other members for votes on specific bills they need passed.  With the issue of insider trading we are led to believe  Congress passed a law which exempt them from following the rule regulating trades.

According to the Committee on Insider Trading, Congress is not nor never have been exempt from these laws.  Members who trade with information received during the course of duties in Congress are breaking Securities Exchange laws.  Members of all branches of government continually exasperated their declining popularity with the American People as they use their positions to engage in unethical behaviors that would land the average citizen locked up behind bars for many years.

Not to long ago, Martha Stewart went to jail for gaining an unfair advantage over the average citizen walking the streets of America with information gained that wasn’t public knowledge.  Recently  Primary Global Research led Sales Representative, James Fleishman was found guilty in Manhattan of insider trading and will be sentenced December 21, 2011.

During the three and a half hour hearing the panel interpreted the law as no one is exempt from insider trading laws and elected officials need to be held at a higher standard with repercussions to those who conduct business with unsavory behavior.  Representative Sean Duffy (R) Wisconsin asked that legislation being considered (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, H.R. 1148)  should hold all members to strict reporting requirements. One such requirement would be to report to the House within three days of a stock trade.

Committee Member Representative Walter B. Jones (R) N.C.  interrupted Rep. Duffy to interject this statement concerning the questionable trades,  “If nothing else comes from this but meaningful legislation that the Congresses of next year and the year after that they know what is right and wrong then the American people will win.”   I find it unfathomable that members of Congress do not already know what is right and wrong with the way they conduct the business of our Country for their own personal gain.

Our goal now as voting members of this Country must be to elect representatives who will conduct the business of our Nation responsibility, ethically and following the Constitution when presenting legislation. Our nation is in peril as we continue to spend 42 cents out of every dollar that we don’t have. The insanity must stop in Washington relatively soon. If we do not elect officials with the interest of the nation ahead of their own we will be a troubled nation.

We borrow 43 cents out of every dollar we spend right now. We borrow 4 billion dollars a day to continue down this path of self-destruction which doesn’t seem to affect most members of Congress as their re-election campaigns are more important to them.  When you vote in the upcoming election, know your candidates and find out who will serve our nation instead of their self interests.

70 years ago, it happened

December 6, 2011

Tomorrow we revisit the attack on Pearl Harbor which transpired 70 years ago.  Beginning at 7:53 AM, Japanese dive bombers dropped 1760 pound explosives on the decks of our fleet destroying 8 Battleships including the USS Arizona. Our Military Family went to work defending the sovereignty of our land with little regard for their personal safety shooting at the Kamikaze pilots with all they had. The surprise attack took 2403 lives that day and wounded more than a 1000 others in just under the two-hour raid.

As we honor our fallen heroes be reminded without our militia this Great Nation would not exist as our Founding Fathers intended it to be. We would not have a Constitution that has withstood all that has been presented to her. We as a nation would have crumbled. For over two hundred and fifty years this nation has been able to prosper because of the uniqueness of the people who came here for freedoms not allowed anywhere else in the World.

December 7, 1941 “A date which will live in infamy” as President Roosevelt stated to Congress and the World over a live radio broadcast just one day after the attack asking Congress for a “Declaration of War” citing the Japanese as our enemy.  World War II would be a struggle to remain free unlike the first World War where we became allies ensuring their freedom from Nazi Germany.

Be thankful for what we have here in America and thank those armed forces members who routinely are put in harms way so we can continue to work and prosper without fear of our Government seizing our land, money and children. God Bless America and all our Military Families out there.