Global Challenges Ahead

November 23, 2011

Tonight the Republican Candidates for President of the United States of America took to the stage for the eleventh time since the start of the campaign season.  “Live from Constitution Hall” in Washington D.C., Wolfe Blitzer began the telecast as moderator for this debate to discuss Foreign Policy sponsored by CNN, The Heritage Foundation and The American Enterprise Institute.

The questions came from all sponsors and individuals across the nation using social media outlets.  Each candidate had the opportunity to discuss each question as they deemed fit. No quick 15 second or 30 second responses but well thought out detailed information people could digest.

The questions dealt with the economy, foreign policy towards Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan and Israel.  Each candidate answered fully and with great detail outlining their plan if they were the President of the United States.  All candidates refrained from knock  out punches to fellow candidates and directed the punches toward the President himself.

They all agreed Obama lacks the leadership skills needed and has demonstrated his inability to continue as our Commander and Chief.  The Super Committee failed because the President left it up to Congress to come  up with the cuts. Rick Perry stated as President he would have been working day and night with Congress to pass the cuts so they wouldn’t need the Super Committee which turned out to be a “Super failure.”

Newt again commanded grand applause as he discussed the real issues that were not being addressed and that is our Foreign Policy should be about protecting the sovereignty of our land and not some political action that can’t be won.  We need to have a policy that the countries will understand. They need to know we mean business when we address the terrorists problems infiltrating borders all across the world.

Ron Paul still continues to emphasize the liberties we have should not be eroded because we think someone may be a terrorist.  He believes the “Patriot Act” is one such law that needs to be removed because it tramples on our rights as Americans.  Congressmen Paul remains the Candidate that is a true believer in our Constitution and will remain the voice of freedom for all Americans.

Illegal immigration was a hot topic once again.  The former speaker of the House believes those who go to church, have an education and have been here for many years can not be thrown out of this nation which is a form of amnesty.  He was asked about his backing of amnesty reform bill under Reagan  to which he responded that the law was passed with the precondition that the borders would be secure and the country would have the ability to remove those illegal immigrants from that point on.

All candidates received air time to discuss their views. Rick, Mitt, and Newt seemed to gain the most time as Ron, Herman, Rick, Jon and Michele had to interrupt every so often to have their voices heard more than every 15 minutes.  Wolfe attempted to have all candidates respond to the questions but candidates demanded more time to respond to allegations presented against them by fellow candidates.

All candidates performed well with no major gaffs or stumbles.  Jon Huntsman did well with his foreign policy knowledge. Romney again did well showing he had a grasp on foreign policy.   There was no clear winner in this debate as all candidates  as they all did well because they all had the opportunity to talk about issues in depth.    If the polls change tomorrow there will be just a few points one way or another with no significant rise for any of the candidates.

Click here to view the debate in its entirety once available on-line.

Congressmen Heck wants money

November 21, 2011

Today I read an invitation from Congressmen Joe Heck explaining how we need to support his campaign for re-election.  In it he stated “We need more Republicans in Washington“.

Our  District 3 Representative is concerned with how “Washington operates” since he was elected to office last year as Democrats continue to spend our tax dollars with little regard where it is going and how it is being spent.

Toward the last paragraph of the campaign letter he emphasized a career politician will run against him in the upcoming election with a “History of raising taxes, increasing regulations and growing government” which makes the choice clear why we must vote for Joe Heck.

As I read I had to look back just a few short months ago on the vote to raise the debt ceiling on more time or our country will default on its debts. Our Congressmen Joe Heck voted for it, stating to his constituents  in a RJ interview,  “The fact we have dollar-for-dollar spending cuts associated with the debt limit increase, no new taxes and real accountability measures were the three things I wanted to see, and those three things are there,”

This appears to be more of the same, campaign against raising taxes, doing what is right for the country and then caving in to an increase in our debt ceiling with nothing but empty promises as we have seen in all debt ceiling increased negotiations.

Joe, if you want to win re-election how about telling those Nevadans in your District you will reduce spending in Washington and then offer a solution to how you plan to accomplish that task.  The debt ceiling is not the issue, the spending is.

Taxpayers on Hook For 535 Million

November 18, 2011

Today Steven Chu, Energy Secretary entered the Rayburn Office building testify at the Energy and Commerce Sub Committee on Oversight and Investigation.

Chairman, Representative Cliff Stearns (R) Florida opened the hearing concerning the 535 million dollar loan guarantee to the now defunct Solyndra Company. “It is readily apparent that senior officials in the administration put politics before the stewardship of taxpayer’s dollars”.

The investigation has been active for 9 months with many questions surfacing on why the Department of Energy would guarantee this loan at the end of the Bush administration would not make the loan guarantee stating DOE had too many issues with the cash flow of the company and the liquidity remained unresolved.  They ended discussions with Solyndra.

Later in the month President Obama was inaugurated and Steven Chu was put in charge of the DOE.  Secretary Chu pushed the loan though quickly and pressed for action on this company.  Solyndra was labeled “A Litmus test” to fund Green projects.

The Office of Budget Management could not score the company correctly and 6 months after receiving the 535 million dollars Solyndra was struggling and one year later they started to default on the terms of the loan.

At that point Secretary Chu made several waivers and “Last minute offers” subordinating the loans to private investors according to Rep. Stearns and now we have huge problems with a few of the loans Secretary Chu pushed through. Several have blown up and now have filed for bankruptcy. The President and colleagues have never addressed these loans and have made statements such as this one, “Hey, sometimes these things just don’t work out”.

Secretary Chu testimony was given under oath as is any testimony in front of Congressional Committees under Title 18, Section 1001 under United States Code.  The Secretary was asked if he would require Consul and he rejected before being sworn in.

Secretary Chu opened with a five minute statement addressing the clean energy sector and the race to bring the industry to America. There are hundreds of billions of dollars spent on Clean Energy around the world.  “Over 50 countries offer some kind of public financing” for the industryChuexpressed.

Through the loan programs there are over 38 companies working on reducing our countries dependence on fossil fuels.  These companies need the funding from the government to achieve their goals as private sector funds are not available currently to loan all these start-up industry.

Solyndra had invested nearly a billion dollars of private funds to the business before applying for the half a billion dollar loan through DOE.  The Secretary looked at all information available and felt he was doing what was right and good for the taxpayers of this nation. “As Secretary of Energy the finally decisions on Solyndra were mine” Secretary Chu emphatically went on, “I did not make any decision based on political considerations”.  His decision to loan the money to Solyndra was based on information provided to him from experience professions.

MIT name Solyndra as one of the top 50 innovative companies of the times.  The market deteriorated and caused a decline in the market causing the monetary loss in the Clean Energy industry.  The problems may not have happened had the economy not faulted.

During the hearing Secretary Chu was asked if he knew that subordinating the loan was illegal and could not occur.   He informed the committee the General Consul informed him he could subordinate the loan and decided to do that with hopes Solyndra would come out of the financial problems within the company.

This hearing went on for over two hours with both sides asking tough questions to get to the bottom of why this company was given the loan when so much information was out there showing the financial difficulties the company was having.

Rep. Waxman and Rep. DeGette both addressed the Clean Energy race and continually emphasized who important it was we get off the fossil fuels to move toward the clean energy businesses and the Republicans are misrepresenting the problems in this case. Waxman “It’s pretty obvious what’s going on in this hearing room” as he asked the Secretary if the loans were made for political favors to a campaign donor, which Chu denied. Mr. Waxman stated the Republicans and big oil are creating a scandal plain and simple.

Ultimately when asked by Representative John Sullivan (R) Oklahoma if he would guarantee this loan today knowing what he knows now he stated “Certainly knowing what I know now we’d say no”.

Now taxpayers are on the hook for more waste as this loan was pushed through knowing there were huge risks within the company.  Secretary Chu revealed he pushed many loans through quickly knowing the Clean Energy industry was up and coming with many issues unanswered.

Veterans Day, Honoring our Military

November 8, 2011

Veterans Day, Honoring our Military families who sacrifice so much for us to live in a free society.  Honoring those who served giving of themselves to protect what they believe is right.

In Las Vegas VFW Post 1753 presents the Annual Veterans Day Parade on 11-11-11 at 10:00am on the corner of 4th and Gass.  Each year the City of Las Vegas brings together bands, ROTC members, military members from as far back as the World Wars to march in the largest parade for our Veterans West of the Mississippi.

This day is a day to honor those who sacrifice so much of their lives so we don’t have too. This day is about our VETERANS both old and young who shows a love of country most citizens can not or will not.  This day is to honor and respect these fine folks for who they are and what they do for our Nation.

This is not a day politicians should be waving their banners and traveling in a motorcade in the parades. This day is for our Veterans and should be honored as such.  Politicians please show respect and honor those members for one day without political affiliation or self promotion. I thank you for those who don’t use the Veterans Day Parade as a political platform.

Thank you to all of our military family who have served honorably protecting the rights and liberties of this great nation. We owe a debt of gratitude that words alone cannot express.  

Alan Simpson Laid It On The Line

November 4, 2011

Today former Republican Senator from Wyoming Alan Simpson laid it on the line as he answers questions on Fox News “Happening Now” program.  During his telephone interview Alan emphasized the importance of getting our national debt under control.

As he spoke to the Super Committee put in charge of reining in the out of control spending Alan stated with total conviction, “We don’t need charts when we go out, we don’t use power points, we just say if you spend more than you earn you lose your butt.” As the committee members hash out the details to cut 1.2 trillion dollars from the deficit Alan is wary they will accomplish the goals ahead of them.

With our National Debt close to 15 trillion dollars and a Congress that continues to borrow more than revenues received Alan had this to say to them, “If you spend a buck and borrow 42 cents of it, you’ve got to be stupid!”  The time has come for partisan politics to stop and start working for the good of the nation and it’s citizens before the country goes bankrupt.

The Senator believes Congress needs to remove the obstacles that hinder the progress of passing legislation that will elevate the economic drain on our nation.  The lobbyists and special interests groups dictate to our elected officials what they expect or the campaign contributions will dry up. His words of wisdom to Congress is to make the tough choices and do what is right for America.

This situation we are experiencing today  is at the critical point for our nation. Mr. Simpson goes on to say “This is it, if we don’t do something the markets are gonna respond, the tipping point will come, interest will go up, inflation will go up and guess who gets hurt the worse, the little guy.”

The time has come for our elected officials to start listening to the voice of the people to do what is right for this nation.  As concerned citizens we expect to hear the truth and have our elected officials offer us solutions to the problem instead of continually telling us the problem and never putting solutions on the table.

It is refreshing to hear any politician speaking boldly and bluntly about the direction our country is heading and where we will be if we fail to address these problems head on.  Mr. Simpson many of us who have heard you agree with your assessment of the situation.


November 1, 2011

On the floor in the House the debate is going on right now on a resolution to reaffirm “IN GOD WE TRUST” as our nations motto. The Republicans are all standing up voicing their strong support of the bill as this nation was founded on the principles of God. The Democrats are saying the resolution was put on the floor to hide the insures that are prevalent in the country at this time.

Personally, my belief is as the official motto of the United States of America “IN GOD WE TRUST” should be maintained for all of eternity as our nation grows and develops. You don’t have to believe in GOD if you choose not too, however as a nation you should respect the principles this nation was founded on.

The motto does not ask you to go to church and pray or become a religious zealot unless you choose to be. Just because you believe in God or you do not believe in God does not make you a better American as Representative Jerrold Nadler (D) New York just stated in his remarks.

Regardless of what you believe or don’t believe, this is our nation and our motto and so it should be. Our Founding Fathers envisioned a Nation like no other in the history of the World. They worked tirelessly to write a Bill of Rights and a Constitution that unlike any ever written. These writings were based on individuals rights to live free of a dictator or ruler that would impose their ideologies the citizens.

Written in the First Amendment the words state “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” which was why Puritans came to this country on the Mayflower to escape religious persecution from the King of England.
The Church of England was the official Church with the Monarch being theSupreme Governor of the religion.

For over 2 centuries those living in England could not publicly proclaim their faith if it differed from those few accepted by the Monarchy. If you were Protestant or Catholic glory be you were safe, any other and death was imminent if anyone found out not in your immediate sphere of influence.

So American’s can worship to any GOD they believe in and will not be persecuted by the government. Our tolerances for all religions is unheard of anywhere else in the World. In many countries if you do not believe in the faith of the country you are exiled or killed. Here we are free to worship to any GOD of our choosing.

So if we must reaffirm our Nations motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” so be it. If you don’t agree with it or don’t like our National motto tough. If it offends you, pack up your bags and head to a country that will accept you as you are with hopes you would respect their Nations motto regardless of what it is.

 Reprinted with permission from Terry Suominen