Selflessness, That’s all that is required

September 28, 2011

Last night Governor Chris Christie was at the Reagan Library speaking about leadership and American Exceptionalism.  He spoke to the Republican audience for three quarters of an hour expressing his vision for America with insight on how a democracy works.  Governor Christie pulls no punches as he outlined the need to return to the days of Ronald Reagan when dealing with the issues and believing in the country.

Governor Christie spoke about how the former President “Said what he meant and meant what he said” as he quoted the Air Traffic Controller strike in August of 1981 during his rein in office. Reagan told the striking controllers they needed to return to work or they would be fired “In the end thousands refused and thousands were fired”  Chris goes on explaining the “Whole world was watching” the leadership of this country and the decisions made affects how they see us.  

Christie received some laughs as he continued the speech with “What happens here doesn’t stay here, this is not Vegas” America’s roll is defined by what we say and do at home. “Who we are at home, what we do with each other” is what sets the examples for all the world to understand this great nation.  We get results when we take action regardless of the political ramifications.  “Leadership and compromise” is the only way to reform, cap highest interest rates, and change public sector union contracts so the members pay for the health insurance and retirement funds so they will be there when needed.

The citizens need to hear the truth about where we are and what we need to do to achieve the goals that are good for the nation and the citizens. Congress no longer can effectively govern themselves as our President fails to act on the issues that American’s understand.  “When there is a problem you fix it” Christie emphasized with conviction as he spoke about how Reagan fixed it many times with great leadership. 

As leaders we need to show by example to the world we have our house in order. We need to control our markets, our housing, our jobs and concern ourselves with how other nations view our national affairs.  We should care what others think because we believe democracy and open markets work better than any other system.  If we convince exports and imports create freedom of choice others accepts the notion when they see our system works as intended.

Finally, Governor Christie took questions from the audience showing a side of him that the crowd loved and applauded with emotion unseen since the campaign of 2008 as the President so eloquently stated his “Hope and change” strategy.  He told those listeners in California and on the C-Span network “Real leaders don’t read polls, they change polls” when asked how he would wean individuals off entitlements and the employment picture. He stated he took bold actions when dealing with these problems in New Jersey so they could control the debt in his state. Along with that statement he also stated he was no genius but the solutions are filled with common sense approaches.

Another questioner implored with such emotion and passion that the Governor reconsider his position as she stated with all kidding aside “You are a very powerful and eloquent speaker,…. and I say this from the bottom of my heart…  we can’t wait another 4 years… please sir reconsider, …. please do it for my daughter, do it for our granddaughter, do it for our sons, we need you, your country needs you to run for President.”  This is a man who understands America with the answer to this lady, “I’m just a kid from Jersey who feels like I’m the luckiest guy in the world” being the Governor of his state.

Now we are at a point in time where the citizens of America are imploring a man, a Governor to fight for a country we love and sacrifice his own feelings of self worth to save this country from self destruction.  Remember when campaigns were ran by friends or businessmen who felt strongly about an individual who could do great things for this nation.  The candidate never travel across the country touting just how great they would be.  The people picked the candidate and went out to get the votes.  George Washington when asked to  serve as President responded with a statement of despair asking “Have I not yet done enough for my country! History proves he had not as he was elected with 100% of the electoral votes which no other candidate has ever done to date.

Governor Christie many citizens of this great nation need you to be our next President, not 6 years from now.  We need someone who does not want the job as Jerry Doyle stated today on his radio program.  As the lady in the audience imploded you so to does many other Americans. We need leadership in the White House, we need a Patriot in the White House, many Americans say “We need you Governor Christie.” Make the decision to fight for a country you love just as the George Washington was requested to do by accepting the challenge of being the next leader of the Greatest Nation in the World.  Selflessness will bring this country back to prosperity, Governor Christie for President, Senator Marco Rubio for V.P. a win win situation because as Jerry stated your not ready for the highest office in the land because you don’t feel it in your heart, but America does.

The New Mafia In America

September 25, 2011

After watching the committee meeting yesterday with Solyndra’s management pleading the fifth amendment after each question asked of them I was sicken as I realized for the first time in my life the new Mafia has arrived in America. This new Mafia doesn’t carry the Tommy guns of yesteryear, nor do they bomb the restaurant owner or the grocery stores who oppose extortion tactics, what they do is far worse.

Though they may not be packing the heat like the thugs of yesteryear they are just as dangerous to the American Citizens.  The mob figures of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s don’t hold a candle to those who now are the featured thugs of the new millennium.  Capone, Moran, Morelli, Pollizzi, even our own Bugsy Siegel in Las Vegas Nevada committed atrocities that scarred our city and towns; however they faded into the abyss as agents put them out of business. No such fate for this new Mafia, the agents of today refuse to touch them, they fear for their lives and those of their families unlike the Elliot Ness’s who dedicated careers to eliminating the criminal activities of these mobsters.

These members of the new Mafia look similar to you and I as they walk our streets and drive through our towns and cities, smiling and greeting individuals as they go and promising the world to those folks who would believe in their words.  These newest members of this Mafia who have infiltrated the soils of our nation can include members of Congress, Czars, and Cabinet members to the President, along with the President himself.

As we look back in history we can observe the patterns evolving as our politicians began to change the course of our nation through the same tactics used by syndicates all across America.  The mob sent figures into a grocery store to inform the owner they were in need of insurance, protection money so they wouldn’t have unimaginable disasters happen.  Today our politicians extort trillions of dollars from taxpaying citizens for items they don’t need nor want, like the solar panels of Solyndra.  If we don’t agree the mob is sent out to make life miserable for those who question their reasoning in way of tax audits, background checks into personal business or habits by Police, FBI or CIA agents.

Harry Reid and is band of minions continually threaten those who oppose him regardless of affiliation.  During the last debate with Sharron Angle his closing statement was ”  I am a fighter. I will continue to fight for what I believe is best for the American people. We have a long ways to go. But we have made some progress, and I’ll continue to do everything I can for the people of Nevada.” Get it, his statement wasn’t I will fight  for what my constituents believe in, it was I will continue to fight for what “I believe in”.

The Tea Party Patriots decided to stand up against unfair taxation policies prevalent in Congress today and were castigated as right-wing nuts, “Astroturf” Nazi’s and the list goes on and on and on. These members are not nuts or radicals, they are Americans who love their country and hate the politics that have eroded the quality of living for all citizens of this great nation. They are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, Conservatives and yes some liberals. Americans who felt strongly against the policies enacted by Congress.

Public sector unions created two classes of people. Those who get benefits for practically nothing and those who have to pay not only for their own benefits but those of the public sector union members too. These unions main goal was growth with the intent of raising money through dues to fill the coffers of those politicians willing to enact laws detrimental to the future of this country but not the unions.

The public sector union employees received benefits that no member of the private sector could ever imagine. Those public servants (politicians) working for all Americans somehow pulled the wool over our eyes and created a Mafia hierarchy that has devastated this nation.

Our elected officials offer or are offered payoffs and payouts in order to remain in power such as the mob syndicates had done for so many years creating power and wealth from illegal or unethical activities.  Our President allegedly helped in the funding of 554 million dollars to Solyndra, a company that never should have received one dime of taxpayer’s money as auditors would attest to today. He didn’t do this for the good of the country, he did it to push his green technology ideology on all Americans, insisting America needs this green technology such as the thugs preying on store owners back in the day.

This President as well as his predecessor  gave billions in stimulus money to GM and Chrysler to overt bankruptcy as reported by Obama after which he did pressure the industry to use the bankruptcy code and had taking away the investors 1st right of ownership only to handout billions to the union pensions as a blatant payoff for those unions help to get him elected with contributions in the millions to his Presidential campaign.

President Bush, our 43rd President appears to have offered Congress free rein if they would allow him to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. As the wars continued so too did the uncontrollable spending habits to the tune of a 4.8 trillion dollar increase to the national debt over his two terms as President.  President Obama will be considered the biggest spending in the history of our country as he is on track to add more than 6 trillion dollars to our national debt by the end of his first term.

No political party is exempt from this mob mentality as all parties have members using fear and divisiveness to drive their desires to get what they want.  This new Mafia must be stopped if we are to survive as a nation.  We must eradicate this venom from the Halls of Congress as quickly as we can or we will cease to be the Greatest Nation the World has ever known.

The problems we face in this country are not those of the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians nor of the Independents. The problems we face are the problems of all Americans, regardless of race, creed or color.  We must unite as one to fight those mafia rulers to return our freedoms to the individuals.  We must inform Congress they no longer can pass laws which are unconstitutional.  We must stand together to return Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness back to our nation as written so many years ago. Together we can be the voice of America, for the good of America. Patriots one and all!

Compromise stimulus II

September 15, 2011

The President revealed his “American Jobs Act” to Congress and the American citizens explaining “We need to pass this now” in order to create jobs to put Teachers, and Bridge builders back to work.  This is just another compromise he chooses to put out there hoping his minions will climb aboard and lead him to a victory next election.  Stimulus II is not good for America, it increases debt and may create jobs but only until the jobs are completed.

Here is an article written on 12/09/09 with basically the same issues President Obama seems to insist are great policies for America.

Here we go again, those folks in DC. are at it again.  President Obama extends tax cuts for 2 years because Republicans were holding the American people hostage.   His words not mine, hostage.  I applaud the fact he extended the infamous olive branch to work on a deal that will keep the government functioning through the lame duck session.

However, it appears as if the ultra liberals are furious with his decision. All day on the news they bashed him  as too weak,  no backbone, caving in to the rich, and not the President we elected that was going to raise taxes on the rich.  He has divided his base once again and why?  He made concessions to try to do the right thing.

As we have stated numerously on the Patriot Express Radio show “we don’t need more taxes, we need less spending.” ” We need a government that will work to cut the fraud and waste in every entity of our bureaucracies across the nation.”  Stop the waste and we reign in the uncontrolled deficit spending.

I was talking to a retired military pilot today who said he once believed in the balanced budget amendment but now he is against it. He wants to have the military a separate budget so they get the funding they need without cuts that will weaken our defense.  I asked him how long he served for a barometer of the depth of knowledge he had on military spending.

He was a fighter pilot for 23 years. I asked if he saw any fraud or waste in his 23 years there?  He stated he saw the 500 dollar hammers and the waste. As a matter of fact he stated “I was told to take my jet out for a four-hour flight anywhere with a tanker following me on several occasion. ”

I stated I have friends that were in Viet Nam where every month new supplies would be flown in only to be placed in the middle of a field to be blown away by a few explosives from the tanks on base. This happened and is still happening today so the military doesn’t loss their budget.

The conversation went on and I explained on paper that approach looked good but the problem is the military has to spend the funds appropriated each budget or they lose it the next time around. We need to make sure the budget is never cut even when a surplus exists at the end of the fiscal year.  The military protects our borders and we need the strongest and the best with no compromising on their needs.

The issue isn’t increasing our taxes to pay for things our Representatives want, the issue is to cut the fraud and waste so we spend our tax dollars wisely as a CEO of any business would or should be doing to spend what they need and ultimately make a profit.  Our Congress spends the money then taxes the individuals and Corporations without having strict guidelines or rules on how to spend the money more efficiently.

We can balance the budget without raising taxes if the American Citizens would go to the polls and vote for individuals that will represent their wishes and not those of special interest. Remember your vote counts each election.  By not voting you’re allowing those in power to remain in power. We can do better.

American Jobs Act

September 14, 2011

Today the President sent his jobs bill to Congress.  This is a 447 billion dollar package that according to Jack Lew his Budget Director is completely paid for.  It appears all Democrats are on board and agree this bill must be passed so we can get the job market going once again.

How they will pay for this jobs bill is simple if put in layman terms, raising your taxes.  If you are single earning 200 thousand or married earning 250 thousand each year you will feel the American Jobs Act with provisions to reduce your itemized deductions currently allowed.  By raising the target of the Joint Committee the President feels the american public will agree with the spending.

What is of concern is the first 897 billion dollar spending bill created 100 thousand jobs in the federal government but nothing in the private sector.  We have 14 million Americans looking for work and if this jobs bill addressed our deficit spending problems and actually was paid for with funding that doesn’t come from increases in taxes possibly there could be bipartisan support.

However we have been down this road before as Jack Lew stated  when discussing the provisions of this bill, ““Will be familiar to most of you because they are ideas we have talked about for the most part for some time.  That is the red flag that makes us leery as the administration has been down this path with a Democratic majority and could not get support.  Why do they think the support is there now?

Where Were You 10 Years Ago?

September 12, 2011

Reprinted with permission  Terry Suominen

Ten years ago I was working a swing shift in a local casino just a few miles from the Strip. At two in the morning as my shift ended I raced home to get a few hours of sleep before my first class at UNLV was slated to begin. After awakening I took a shower and dressed as I ran out the door sometime around 6:30am. The next few hours will be etched in my mind until I take my last breath with only this writing as a reminder of what happened on that fateful day September 11, 2001. Not only will I always remember, but we will always remember.

I jumped into my Blue and White Bronco II with my books and a drink at 6:30am. The morning was nice so I put my window down and cranked up the stereo listing to my local favorite which played all the tunes of the 70′s and 80′s. As I made my way onto the freeway that would take me to the airport tunnel something seemed strange as I drove. I could not place the quietness immediately but as I drove I pondered the eerily quiet state surrounding me.

As my Bronco raced through the tunnel just minutes from the university I still was unaware of what was going on though I knew subconsciously there was a problem. At the end of the airport tunnel I could see a plane by the fence line idle and I thought to myself, “why is it so quiet this morning, what happened?” As I drove the skies were empty, not a flight was in the sky.

The trip to UNLV from the tunnel lasted 4 or 5 minutes which seemed like hours as my mind attempted to decipher my unusual surroundings. The music was playing as I approached the Tropicana and Paradise intersection just outside the parking area for my first class. Still the skies were quiet without an airplane attempting a final approach with its landing gear extended as they glided onto the runway for a landing. Still I didn’t understand the calmness.

I drove into the parking lot of UNLV and parked, grabbed my books and headed onto the campus toward Frank and Estella Beam Hall where my first class was to start in just about 15 minutes. As I walked toward the stairway there was a crowd gathered around the only TV in the area so I slowed down to catch a glimpse of what was being broadcast on that set.

As I moved closer toward the TV I could see thick black smokey clouds billowing from a building I did not recognize at first. So I moved closer to the crowd and now saw the World Trade Center buildings ablaze with flames spewing out the windows and that thick black smoke enveloped the top of the buildings. Several reporters were shocked and numb to the fact both towers where now ablaze as they reported from the ground close to the attacks. The first reporter I heard stated in fact two separate planes have crashed into the Twin Towers as they broadcast with individuals from around the Centers common grounds and up two a few miles away.

The first crash occurred at 8:46am PST as it plummeted the South Tower at a high rate of speed. Flames were coming out of the building and the smoke was filling the sky with every minute that passed by. The flight path that was taken was not a normal flight path according to witnesses. Later on it was revealed the plane that hit the first tower was American Flight 11. It is presumed all passengers were killed on impact as a huge explosion occurred seconds after the plane hit.

As the reporters continued the coverage attempting to remain calm and collective one reporter stated she had just gotten word that another plane had gone down somewhere in Pennsylvania. As the information was relayed we learn of yet another terrorist cell that hijacked United Flight 93. Later we learned the passengers decided to overwhelm the attackers which brought the plane down in Shanksville, PA averting an attack on the White House.

As I walked up those stairs for my first class of the day I was filled with disbelief only to remember our instructors words only one week prior. Our professor during a conversation stated America will be attacked someday. Our land will have enemy terrorists attempt to destroy this nation. Not because of the people but because of the policies of our government. See our government gets to involved in other countries decisions and foreign countries hate us for that.

The class was a terrorist class concerning Middle Eastern Nations. As we sat down on 9/11 at 7:15 am our world had changed. Once we were all in our seats the professor opened class with a discussion of what just happened. He insisted anyone who may have relatives or friends in New York to leave class to find out what they could. He then went on to have an open discussion on what just happened to our America.

We discussed many subjects that morning in that class. We talked about how people can hate this country enough to kill innocent victims. We listened to classmates talk about their disbelief that terrorists could attack our land just as the Japanese had at Pearl Harbor. We talked about our government and their role in governments around the world. Most importantly we talked about the World Trade Center and those thousands of innocent victims. Hoping and praying more lived than died.

Our lives, our country was changed forever as we watched two of the greatest symbols of freedom collapse before our eyes as thousands parish. To the victims, to the hero’s who gave their lives so others could live we offer our prayers. to the families of the fallen we offer our support. On this day September 11, 2011 we will remember and consistently be reminded of that frightful day 10 years ago. Peace to all those who suffered as we the greatest nation in the world remember and celebrate freedom, something no one can take from us no matter what who they are, what they are or where they come from. Freedom is the fight worth fighting for. God Bless.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and more Jobs.

September 8, 2011

In just a few minutes the President of the United States will speak to the Joint Session of Congress to introduce his new jobs creation bill.

In it we will likely hear more of the same content as we have heard over the past 4 years as he traveled across the country during his campaign for the highest office of the land.  The first issue as stated in the title  and the most important issue he will be discussing is jobs,  jobs, jobs and more jobs.

We will hear how the problems this country has concerning the loss of millions of jobs were inherited from the bad policy years of George Bush.  We will hear about how his administration has done wonders saving or creating millions of jobs through his 800 billion plus stimulus package.

He will go on to discuss how the Republicans in office are partisan and will not allow his administration to move forward with his ideas on how to get the country back on track to prosperity.  Our President will not accept the problems we face as polls out this past few days show a majority of Americans believe the economy is still owned by the Republicans for the past 10 years of policies that were detrimental to our nation.

Finally we will hear the President state we are all in this together and need to work together to reduce the unemployment levels. He will go on and say if only the Republicans would do what I ask of them we wouldn’t have these problems we face today.  One of his offerings will be increasing revenues to the federal government so we can once again start down the road to prosperity creating  jobs all across America with billions going to infrastructure projects for local communities.

Here we go as Congress settles in to listen to the leader of the Greatest Nation on Earth. Stay tuned for the next writing to see if in fact we were wrong with our assessment of the speech.