GOP Battle in Ames, Iowa

August 12, 2011

Tonight the Republican candidates battle on stage as they attempt to persuade citizens to support their campaign for President of the United States as they offer their vision of what America should be to them.

All night long both Bachmann and Pawlenty sparred with each other battling fiercely, debating their records both as Representative and Governor.  Every question directed to either or the two ended with harsh word directed at the opponent.  Michele stood strong stating her convictions drive her when dealing with Health Care, or Cap and Trade.

Newt Gingrich showed ire when discussing the super committee and just how stupid that committee is.  He has knowledge of how these committees work and suggested if anyone thinks “535 individuals are going to sit around and wait for 12 brilliant minds” to come up with brilliant solutions, it is not going to happen.  People are put on these committees for political reasons so they will not be seeking real solutions.  Raise taxes or cut defense, those will be the choices.

Obama Care was a hot topic and every member on stage wants this plan to disappear.  The plan is unconstitutional, too costly and will create a backlog of patients with each year that goes by.  Medical care should be handled between a doctor and a patient not a panel of government workers suggesting what medical issues will be addressed with treatments or not.

Immigration law brought out many ideas from all the candidates concerning what the future President of the United States must do to get the problem under control.  All the candidates acknowledged the borders must be secured before we can address the problem of those already in this country.    We need to stop the steady flow of illegals crossing the borders and then work on finding the solution to removing those who are here illegally.

After an hour the military was brought up concerning the recent deaths in Afghanistan by Brett Baier.  We lost 41 Patriots this past week and honor their serve to this great nation.  Without these Patriots defending our nation and preserving our freedom this nation would not have lasted so long.  With the wars going on in so many areas the candidates stated the countries must take ownership of these wars and put their countries on the path of democracy or we need to leave. Congressmen Paul “We should bring our troops home!”

Many great suggestions or solutions were offered to bring this nation back to the greatness it is deserving of.  When the debate is available we will post it on Patriot Express Radio website at for your listening pleasure.