Politician Under Fire!

On the hill today former Senator Ensign received the findings concerning the probe into the alleged misconduct surrounding the affairs of the affair.  The committee found reason to send their findings to the DOJ for further investigation.

It is a sad day for the former politician who was a bright star in the Republican Party.  Mr. Ensign was in Iowa courting the voters as he launched his personal appeal for a bid at the Presidency.  Amazing how one moment of weakness tumbles a rising star into the abyss, an outcast now and forever.

Mr. Ensign will live on in the private sector now and continue to work and hopefully the family and friends will not abandon him in his time of need. With some self-reflection and positive influence from those around him possibly he could make a comeback just as Newt has done.

Time will tell as we watch this saga from within the borders of the Great State of Nevada if this former politician comes clean and repairs the damage that has tainted a career that most public servants would have been proud of.

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