Just what we needed

May 29, 2011

Finally,  just what we needed has been given clearance from the Supreme Court.   A corporation can spend money on campaign ads for or against a candidate during an election cycle as long as they do not contribute to a political campaign. Why do you ask, according to the Supreme Court money is free speech in  1975’s “Buckley v. Valeo” argument  because as we all know money is power and power is a voice for free speech in this country.

When the Supreme Court handed down the ruling on “Hillary the Movie” stating it did not violate campaign financing rules the floodgates were open for corporate spending, using  free speech as the tool to argue. In todays political scene the Presidential campaigns are having to raise not millions but at least a billion to win an election to a position that pays a meager 400 thousand dollars a year.  The question that comes to mind with all this money floating around is “Who actually wins?”  Not the common man or women working everyday to make ends meet.   I have to assume it is the corporations with an agenda end up winning.   Spending their money on candidates that will work for their interests regardless of what constituents want in these politicians back yard.

With so much money going to political campaigns how can candidates say they are working for their constituents regardless of where the millions upon millions of dollars came from. I had one candidate last year tell me that he does take money from special interest groups and lobbyists but informs them up front they will not receive special favors when he wins the election.  Can this be possible, can a politician not be bought off with those campaign funds received by lobbyist groups and special interest?

Let’s hope so, if not our voices will be lost to big money groups that only have their interest at heart which is profit.  Most corporations would campaign for less regulations in their industry so they can spend less to earn more.  The question that we must ask ourselves is “Where do we go from here?”

A day to Honor those fallen Heroes

May 25, 2011

I would like to invite anyone living in the Vegas Valley to come out and celebrate Memorial Day with us as we honor those men, women and children of all ages who fought to protect our nation both past and present. On Monday May 30, 2011 we will celebrate Memorial Day at the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery located at 1900 Buchanan Blvd. in Boulder City. The ceremony begins at 1:00 pm as we remember those fallen heroes.

I know most individuals will go to the park and cook their hot dogs and hamburgers while drinking a nice cold one over the Memorial Day weekend and have a great time doing so. Enjoying their family and friends as they bask in the warm air socializing amongst themselves getting ready for another week of work. This is just a part of the celebration, however there is more to the celebration then just a picnic.

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who fought for our freedom. With each day that passes it must be understood without a military serving to protect our sovereignty we would not exist as a free nation today. As a developing nation we had citizens rise up against a government unfairly taxing our colonies which lead to the Revolution that changed the history of the world.

Militia or minutemen as they were called teamed up with the colonies across the continent to fight against the British Commonwealth who wished to dictate their will upon this new nation. The revolution lasted 8 long years as American pioneers refused to be ruled by the King of England. Those individuals alone won the war because they believed in their cause. They fought against a military that was far superior than they were but lacked the love of country to win the assault.

As America grew into a nation the Founding Fathers drafted a Constitution that would stand the test of time. They would safeguard against dictatorship or Kings by creating a government “By the people, for the people” with a military second to none. Our military expanded and grew as our nation evolved guarding a Nation they called home. Those individuals signed on to honor, protect and die for a value they believed in called freedom.

To this we honor all enlisted members of our military who gave the ultimate sacrifice to their beloved nation. To this we come together to pay respect to those fallen heroes who gave selflessly of themselves so we Americans can live life as we choose without fear of government intervention that stifles the freedoms enumerated in our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

(Reprinted with permission from Terry Suominen)

Predatory lending at for profit schools

May 19, 2011

Today on the floor in the Senate Tom Harkin (D) Ia. discussed the predatory lending habits of for profit schools as it related to Military benefits.  The Senator commissioned a study on drop out rates at the for profit schools of those receiving benefits for their education. The report is appalling showing the drop out rate is higher than in the public schools and they usually ended up with personal loans which they will have to pay back. These for profit schools tell students their benefits from the military did not cover all expenses so they need to apply for additional sources of funding.

These schools as with any other business operating for profit must be held accountable for their actions.  If they are ripping off the tax payers with bogus degrees, or receiving federal funds from individuals who have the capability of receiving funds but not the capacity to graduate because of damages received on the battle field.  If your for profit organization defraud the government as the report states than those involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I am sickened by the fact so many individuals use predatory lending practices to line their pockets at the expense of our military.  The only way to combat these individuals is to offer strict prison sentences when you knowingly deceive the public of their hard-earned funds.  Pass laws against these types of practices so those institutions that actually do what is right have the opportunity to educate individuals wanting a good education and not a worthless piece of paper from a fly by night operation after all is said and done.

Locked and Ready to go!

May 17, 2011

Today in Las Vegas another legendary casino locked the doors and will most certainly go by way of the Dunes, Desert Inn and other similar casinos of the past that couldn’t compete in the ever-changing gaming industry. The Sahara opened in 1952 and was one of the few remaining original casinos of that era still in operation.

The property  had several owners including Mr. Bennett the co-founder of Circus Circus. In 1995 Mr. Bennett purchased the casino for somewhere between 150 to 193 million dollars from Del Webb Corporation. At the time Mr. Bennett cashed in his stock options at Circus Circus to renovate and revitalize the Sahara with the idea of bringing back the glorious days of yesteryear.  He spent millions upon millions as he added rooms and modernized both the interior and exterior of the outdated property.

Mr. Bennett ran the property until his death in 2002 realizing he spent more than he should have on the Sahara but felt it was the right thing to do.  He was a pioneer in the industry and helped to influence  the  Las Vegas landscape.  As a Del Webb employee he went to the Mint and turned the money losing operation into a gold mine and later would lease and then purchase Circus Circus with a business partner again making money by catering to the needs of the customer.

The Sahara Casino once a vibrant establishment turned into a run down work place where employees knew they were on borrowed time with business declining on a daily basis. The company operating the Sahara failed to reinvest in the property to keep it fresh and new. Of the nearly 1700 employees most won’t find a job quickly with unemployment hovering around 13% here in the valley. We wish them well as they search for employment.

It is a sad day for Las Vegans once again especially those who have been a part of the Sahara Casino.  The executives from SEB Entertainment stated there are no plans to reopen the Sahara Casino at this time. What we most likely will see is destruction to the site.  Look for an auction in the near future to sell off the assets and then the property will most likely become another victim to an implosion if a buyer doesn’t surface to save this historic casino.

Can NLRB Move Companies?

May 14, 2011

Now it appears as if the National Labor Relations Board can tell companies where they are able to build their companies and employ individuals.  Boeing  has a plant ready to open with over 1000 new jobs created in a right to work state and the General Counsel, Lafe Solomon has ruled they must go back to Washington State which is a Forced Unionism State.

In a complaint letter written to President Obama, the National Right to Work (http://www.nrtwc.org/tag/south-carolina/) President Max Mix asked that Mr. Solomon be removed as nominee for General Consul as his actions displayed poor judgement in the deliberations which disqualify him from that position.  The actions that Mr. Solomon has taken are an overreach of power that should never be discussed by any political entity.  Where in the Constitution does it say government can direct businesses to a operate in one state over another.

Boeing has been involved with several strikes that have cost the company billions of dollars in lost revenue as unions attempted to strong-arm Boeing into lucrative contracts for the employees.  Now Boeing has built a 800 million dollar complex in South Carolina  to build additional 787 Dreamliners outside of Washington State.  With this move employees have the opportunity to vote for unions but employees do not have to join the union if they don’t want to. This has the Union bosses running scared as other businesses will attempt to flee Force Union States for the more appealing Right to Work States. According to statistics an average of 28.3% increase in growth has been recording in right to work states whereas forced union states have only increased by 14.7%.


This issue will end up in court with all eyes watching to see the outcome. Will businesses be forced to operate in one location over another because big government says they have to or will businesses be able to go where ever they want and do business.  Keep your eyes open on this one it will get interesting. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2710067/posts

Is Social Security Broke?

May 13, 2011

Today the Social Security and Medicare trustees Report was released in Washington D.C at the Treasury Department.  The 6 trustees all discussed where Social Security and Medicare benefits were heading and the information is not good. We have to ask the question, “Is social security broke?

According to the report since the economic recession hit this country there is less money in the fund with more individuals receiving funds as they retire.  Charles Blahous one of the public trustees stated deficits in Social Security will continue to eradicate the funds as revenues continue to decline.  The insurance funds will exhaust  themselves by 2018 if there is no increase in taxes or cuts in benefits.

Our representatives on Capital Hill continue to say there is nothing wrong with Social Security at this time. They continue to tell the citizens there is nothing to worry about, but according to this report we need to address this problem just as we must address the national debt problem which had been swept under the rug for so many years while Congress continued to spend what they didn’t have.

Many citizens have and will rely on this fund as their only source of income upon retirement, we must not ignore the reality that the fund is broke and needs to be fixed. Billions of dollars have been paid into these funds and the citizens deserve their benefits once they do retire.

Politician Under Fire!

May 13, 2011

On the hill today former Senator Ensign received the findings concerning the probe into the alleged misconduct surrounding the affairs of the affair.  The committee found reason to send their findings to the DOJ for further investigation.

It is a sad day for the former politician who was a bright star in the Republican Party.  Mr. Ensign was in Iowa courting the voters as he launched his personal appeal for a bid at the Presidency.  Amazing how one moment of weakness tumbles a rising star into the abyss, an outcast now and forever.

Mr. Ensign will live on in the private sector now and continue to work and hopefully the family and friends will not abandon him in his time of need. With some self-reflection and positive influence from those around him possibly he could make a comeback just as Newt has done.

Time will tell as we watch this saga from within the borders of the Great State of Nevada if this former politician comes clean and repairs the damage that has tainted a career that most public servants would have been proud of.

What Did You Say?

May 2, 2011

What did you say?  Did I hear you right, Osama Bin Laden is dead? Wow it has been a long time coming to hear those words as our President talked to the world about how Bin Laden expired as the Navy Seals took him out.

You realize the conspiracy theories are spewing as we wake up to our morning coffee and click on the news reports of the day.  The right-wing will be asking why the body was dumped at sea so quickly without anyone laying eyes on the deceased Bin Laden.  The rumor of the day will be we killed an impostor and those powerful men around the world are meeting together to finally finish what they have started.

On the left we will hear how it only took President Obama 2 and 1/2 years to send the troops in to get the man behind the twin tower disaster.  Those same individuals will have the election over and done with regardless of the polls which gage the sentiment of those voters who will have their voices heard in the next election. Accordingly every newscast will project Obama as a shoe in now regardless of what happens in this country, citing  his leadership on this matter.

What we really need to be looking out for is the attacks on American citizens both here and abroad.  Those who hate us will retaliate with vengeance unlike what we have witnessed in the past.  Those who hate us will find ways to infiltrate our borders which are mostly unsecure as I type this blog.  Thousands of miles of our borders are wide open. Anyone can come across with guns, bombs and any other item they feel like bringing into this country and at the present time we can not stop all of them.

I hope we as a nation will stay vigilant in our quest to remain the free country that we are and have been for over 250 years.  I hope our leaders will not surrender their constitutional duties as we travel through these new streets of justice in our country.

Remember our nation is one that has endured many trials and tribulations. We have withstood a revolution, a civil war, discrimination and assassinations of our Presidents.  We have been to space, we have invented many devices and found cures for many diseases. We are a strong and powerful nation here for one purpose and one purpose only, To be free unlike all other countries in this world. Let’s remain that way!