We Did It!

Today President Obama announced he will seek re-election for the highest office in the land.  He will be informing those interested that not only had his slogan “Yes We Can” worked but he now can say “Yes, We Did It!”  without fear of anyone in the media or private sector disputing the facts as set in history.

He can say unemployment was at 5.7%  when he took office and is now at 9.8%.

He can say housing market is at an all time high concerning the foreclosure market where in some locations 64% of homes are upside down with up to 60% drop in values.

He can say he passed the health care bill which is the most sweeping legislation to pass into law since the great depression.

All these feats have been accomplished and now I have to ask what will his new slogan be,  “We Can Do More just give me another chance”.   The President can say “We Did It” but the questions we should be asking is what will the cost to the citizens be in the long run?  With 5 trillion dollars added to the national debt since he took office along with  a  2 trillion-dollar budget planned for the fiscal year 2011 when do we hold him accountable for all he has done for our nation. As I see it, seems like everyone but lobbyists and campaign contributors have suffered under his presidency.

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