Bringing Jobs Home

April 28, 2011

With Congress discussing ways to cut the deficit to rein in the uncontrolled spending that has eroded the quality of life for every citizen in America they seem to have forgotten one aspect of the economy that would spur growth, jobs. They are talking about everything but bringing jobs back to this country that are now overseas.

During the 1970’s we saw a shift from manufacturing to the service industry as businesses saw an opportunity to increase profits by shipping business overseas. Our manufacturing base declined from 24% in the early 1970’s to 10% in the late 1970’s. During that same period the service industry gained business at a slow and steady pace until it exploded in the 1980’s causing manufacturing to recede even further as more businesses move overseas.

As a nation we can not sustain this country on service, we need broad-based manufacturing back to bring unemployment down, tax revenues up and most importantly an economy that once again will flourish from the East to the West as businesses open up once again and begin to manufacture goods made in America.

Our elected officials do not need to raise taxes on the rich as we so often hear in the media today, what they need to do is to entice businesses to return to America to produce products once again by making a few changes to our trading policies.

First, we must penalize those American companies that produce products outside of the United States, not by increasing taxes but by taking away the loopholes that make it beneficial to continue to produce outside our borders.

Second, we must not allow other countries to manipulate their currency as China does in order to bring products in far below their actual production costs.  This is an unfair advantage and no American company can compete with that.

By making the right choices in Washington we can grow our economy, increasing jobs and reducing our dependency on government assistance.  With a vibrant work force we need less funding on un-employment benefits, welfare and food stamps along with many other government-run functions.  The cyclical effect will help to reduce the 10 plus trillion dollar debt our nations carries.

Senator Ensign resigns amid scandal

April 23, 2011

For the past few years Senator Ensign (R)Nevada has been fighting to keep his position in the Senate amid ethic violations stemming from an affair with a staff member.  Yesterday he announced he will vacate his seat leaving many wondering why.

The rumors flow fast and furious concerning grand jury indictments and other forms of sanctions the news media picked up on. However what no one is talking about is what will happen to the seat once vacated.

We have heard Governor Sandoval will appoint Dean Heller to the Senate seat once John resigns.  Why is this happening now instead of a year or two ago when the scandal broke.  For starters Senator Ensign thought he would still be a force in the Senate to help push conservative values.  Now that time has passed, the Republican Party realizes the seat will be up for grabs to any candidate and party who raise the most money and positions themselves to win with the best ad campaign.  The Republicans don’t want to lose that seat to any other political party so the maneuvering has begun.

The biggest threat to the Republicans is Shelley Berkley who has stated she would run for the seat once John announced he would not seek another term.  She is a political machine finding ways to win elections each race regardless where she stands in the polls.  She can win campaigns and that scares the Republicans.

With Dean Heller in the Senate seat he will gain valuable experience while all the other candidates vie for a place on the ballot as they travel around the State campaigning.  Sure Dean will have to campaign like all the rest but as you know incumbents win 80% of the time when running for re-election. As an incumbent Senator, Mr. Heller will be tough to beat regardless of the opposition lined up running for the position.

This is a political maneuver that will help the Republicans maintain this Senate seat with Ensigns resignation.  Watch as the campaign heats up to see how many individuals decide to run against Heller who by the way is a popular representative in his district.

Anyone Is Better Than What We Have Now!

April 12, 2011

Yes folks, “Anyone is better than what we have now”  is the response I am receiving from individuals all across this great land we call America. With the 2012 election cycle moving into gear many individuals are dissatisfied with the President and his policies.

Since Obama has been elected our country has spiraled out of control with expansive increases in government spending, the apology tour and the continuation of wars in the Middle East of which he campaign to stop the wars over there not extenuate them with complacency.

Remember he received a Noble Peace Prize for his prolific thoughts on a war free world or just the fact that those on the panel that hands out these prizes hated Bush so much they just wanted to show him a thing or two about just how powerful they were. Thus a million dollar bounty just for thinking about peace.

Now two years later we have amassed 5 trillion more dollars in debt with a 4 trillion-dollar budget being proposed by the White House.  I don’t want to beat this thing to death but I have to say we borrow 43 cents out of every dollar we spend so the individuals across the country want someone new that will reduce the spending and size of the bureaucracy.

We Will Cut The Budget!

April 11, 2011


Late Friday night both sides of the political spectrum agreed to a resolution that would keep our government operating without fear of a shut down.  Both sides emphasized “We will cut the budget.” to gain support from their base.

The problem is the cuts do not go deep enough to reduce the massive debt our nation carries currently.  These cuts are a mere 36 billion dollars. Not much of a cut with the national debt looming at 14.3 trillion dollars. With these cuts Congress actually just stopped borrowing money for 9 days, that’s all.

Our nation currently borrows 4 billion dollars a day to keep this country afloat. China, Japan, and a host of other investors buy up our treasury notes put on the market daily for our government to continue to spend money on projects that we don’t have.

How can a nation sustain sovereignty if it continually spends more than it takes in? The bottom line is it can’t. How can a nation tell its citizens spending 5 trillion dollars a year is good for the economy and the nation with a straight face? Economics 101 tells us you can not borrow money to spend your way out of debt, it is impossible.

In order to return our country to fiscal sanity we must as a nation pay down our debt. Our elected officials must start working on solutions to the spending habits in the Halls of Congress instead of continuing to spend what they do not have. We need leadership in Washington, those who will make the tough choices regardless of how it will affect their re-election campaigns.






My Way Or The Highway!

April 7, 2011

That’s right “My Way Or The Highway” is the new slogan coming from the Democrats while discussing the eminent shut down of our government because both sides are digging their heels in with what they want from the budget with no room for negotiations.

On the floor in the Senate Bill Nelson a Democrat from Florida brought up  this new slogan while asking to have both sides work together to come to some sort of agreement or understanding so the astronauts will continue to prepare for missions and traffic controllers will be there for flights.

Mr. Nelson while spewing out the coined phrase “My Way Or The Highway” went on to state “You don’t govern from the political extremes.  We’ve had it from the left spectrum in the past but this is their way or no way. We can’t come together to agree to a solution.”  We agree with this statement from the Senator from Florida, we need to pass a budget that is good for the country without pork or waste hiding between the lines in each page as is in the Health Care bill recently passed with a super majority in the Senate.

Let’s look at this health care program passed without Republican support.  Speaker Pelosi stated “We have to pass the bill to see what is in it.”  Senator Reid held meetings with his Democratic cronies behind closed doors with the President.  When the President finally met with both sides to discuss the bill he made the statement “I won” to Representative Paul Ryan while Ryan was discussing what the Republicans wanted to see in the bill.

What we have seen over the past 50 years is partisan politics. NO one in the political arena will make the tough choices that need to be made. Only a few individuals in Congress will cross party lines to vote on resolutions because they believe in the content. Why you ask, that is easy to answer.  Those elected to represent the will of the people want to get re-elected so they can continue to vote for the items special interest, lobbyists, and union officials what to see passed.  They do not want to be a one term representative because they do not receive those million dollar retirement benefits until they have been established as Federal employees for a few terms. The 172 thousand dollar a year salaries they receive incentivize them to continue to campaign for office along with all those other perks that set them up for life.

The time has come for those elected to fight for what is right for our country and our citizens regardless of their re-election hopes.  We as a nation can not continue to spend more than we take in.  For all the money our government spends we have to borrow 43% of those funds.   We must stop the insanity in the Halls of Congress.  If it means one term for those in office, so be it.  Let’s get it right before the America the past few generations have come to know and love disappears with  a new form of government coming in taking hold, forever changing the landscape of a once great nation.

We Did It!

April 4, 2011

Today President Obama announced he will seek re-election for the highest office in the land.  He will be informing those interested that not only had his slogan “Yes We Can” worked but he now can say “Yes, We Did It!”  without fear of anyone in the media or private sector disputing the facts as set in history.

He can say unemployment was at 5.7%  when he took office and is now at 9.8%.

He can say housing market is at an all time high concerning the foreclosure market where in some locations 64% of homes are upside down with up to 60% drop in values.

He can say he passed the health care bill which is the most sweeping legislation to pass into law since the great depression.

All these feats have been accomplished and now I have to ask what will his new slogan be,  “We Can Do More just give me another chance”.   The President can say “We Did It” but the questions we should be asking is what will the cost to the citizens be in the long run?  With 5 trillion dollars added to the national debt since he took office along with  a  2 trillion-dollar budget planned for the fiscal year 2011 when do we hold him accountable for all he has done for our nation. As I see it, seems like everyone but lobbyists and campaign contributors have suffered under his presidency.