How Much Do You Make?

If you work for Wal-Mart in accordance to their policy and procedure manual you can not discuss your pay to other employee’s as a term of employment. So if you asked a fellow associate “How much do you make?’ you could be fired and most likely would be.

The employees at Wal-Mart were kept in the dark about differences in the pay scale between men and women and advancements within the company which led to discriminatory practices within the company as alleged.

A greeter for Wal-Mart brought suit against the company when she felt she was being discriminated against because of her gender.   The case “Dukes vs Wal-Mart”  has been to trail and judges have ruled the case could proceed as a class action lawsuit and now heads to the Supreme Court. Lawyers decided to proceed with the case as a class action lawsuit to represent the million women who work for the Wal-Mart Corporation using rule 23 which stipulates the criteria that must be met. With this lawsuit the individuals working for Wal-Mart are looking for back pay and punitive damages where the employer discriminated against this class of employees.

Wal-Mart is one of the largest employer in our nation with sales last year over 350 billion dollars. So, if you want to go to work for a company and one of the policies states you can not ask the question of others working there, “How much do you make?” as a prerequisite for employment, there might be something happening suspicious within the pay scales, possibly. So you might want to run just as fast as you can!

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