Truth is Relevant

February 25, 2011

Today while discussing the issues of our Country with my exterminator we talked about what is happening in Wisconsin.  I brought up how unions worked for the people in the beginning when the greed and corruption of the business owner was more important than the worker’s health and safety.

The debate went on as we skimmed a broad range of subjects concerning the money and power the unions, politicians and churches wield. Today instead of working for the people these entities just described are more concerned with how much money and power they gain through those they are supposedly helping.

The unions are not there for the people any longer, they are there for the political clout to fund campaigns to elect those who will work towards the goals of the union not necessarily of the members.  The politicians will work to pass legislation for those who give them money to win their next campaign, not necessarily those they are elected to represent.  The churches are collecting donations to build million dollar churches, funding projects they feel are needed, not necessarily what their congregation may believe needs to be addressed.

My exterminator stated he goes to church and what upsets him more than anything is the church will not talk about the truth in fear of losing their funding.  He went on to say when the preacher preaches the sermon is generic in scope.  He wants to hear the truth of what is happening in our cities, in our states, and in our country.  He wants to know the preacher is in tune with issues that are relevant to each citizen as we grow and prosper as we deem fit.

The truth is relevant regardless of who you are, what you do or where you live.  What is happening across the country will affect each of us at some point in time.  We have asked everyone in this nation who is listening to be vigilant and be in the know on issues that should concern you.  Knowledge is power and can not be taken from you once you have it so learn about the issues that work for our country.  Learn about the issues that erode the quality of life here in America and abroad.  Your voice is your power, use it to express your thoughts and concerns to all who will listen.

The New Mayor of Chicago Is!

February 22, 2011

Today voters in Chicago will be voting in the primaries for a new face at City Hall for the first time since 1989. Many of you out there know about the crime and corruption that eminent from Cook County and plenty of you may still live amongst those crooked individuals still in and around ChiTown.

Many questions concerning voters have been expressed to each of the candidates running for Mayor.  First on the list, can the newly elected mayor reign in the corruption that has dominated the political system for generation after generation.  During the campaign there were allegations of fraudulent signatures on petitions that must be addressed.   There are allegations of bribes and payoffs to candidates or allies who would benefit from contracts or negotiations due to the Mayors influence have to be tackled. Rahm Emanuel stated he will work to end the corruption that has been a staple for those surrounding the political system in the Windy City.

Students also have been vocal with their concerns.  They fear being  jumped by gang members both in and out of school.  They fear bullying while on school grounds along with being harassed by police. The students peppered four of the candidates with concerns that can not be ignored any longer.  These students are the new voices of America and no longer hide what is on their minds.

So, who will be the next Mayor of Chicago?  Out of the six candidates running, four have a chance to win. With Rahm  leading most polls at least 10 analysts giving him the win. The other candidates have not given up yet, the majority believe in the process and will not count themselves out until the final vote is counted.  No one knows what the voter will do once in the voting booth so every candidate has a chance to become the next mayor of Chicago.

History will be made regardless of who wins the primary.   And the New Mayor of Chicago Is….  Rahm Emanuel winning with over 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff. Congratulations and good luck.

What’s Wrong With Wisconsin?

February 22, 2011

For the past few days every question we have received from the concerned public is “What’s wrong with Wisconsin”?  The concerns are towards the new Governor, Scott  Walker  wants to end collective bargaining for several government unions. They are up in arms because that is just wrong according to many of the individuals we talked with.  They deserve to be represented by unions many of the voices I heard stated.

One individual was a teacher from Nevada where we have Governor Sandoval who  is working to reduce spending within our school system across the state.  These cuts are needed according to him to balance the budget at any cost. This teacher said his pay will freeze at the level he is currently being paid for a period of three years. No raises for continuing his education up to and including his masters.

As he talked you could see he was upset with the Governor and the cuts. I told him I understand his being upset that his wages would be froze under the new bill if passed. I then stated as a private sector employee my wages have been frozen for the past three years.  I too have not received a raise for any of my hard work since they cut any and all raises because of the economic crisis we are experiencing. I asked him what is the difference between my wages being frozen or his being frozen.

He could not answer the question as he looked at me.  He struggled to find something to say that would appease me and finally after several seconds of silence he stated but he was going for his masters and that alone qualifies him for the additional salary. Now don’t get me wrong, I agree teachers should be paid more so long as they represent the wishes of the people paying their salaries, me and you not some union taking dues so they can spend them on political campaigns to elect officials that will continue to give them what they want so they can get re-elected.

In Wisconsin the Governor said he would not compromise on the issues.  The news has indicated no collective bargaining for several government unions excluding fire department and the police.  The Governor states that is misinformation as the bill doesn’t touch the collective bargaining rights of  individuals.  He also added the members would be paying 5.8% of their retirement costs up from 0%.  Along with that they will also pay 12% of health care costs up from 6% and all this is to balance the budget.

So what’s wrong with Wisconsin trying to control spending by initiating a few new programs that you will find in the private sector at almost every company one could imagine.  As a  private sector employee how much to you think they have to  pay for their benefits? Then look at retirement funds,  if they are lucky enough to have money to put into a 401K  how much does the employer match? Nothing like those in the public sector.   Do you think paying for retirement and insurance is a bad thing. If it is then maybe we as private citizens should be up in arms about the money we pay to have our benefits and retirement fund.

3.7 Trillion Budget

February 15, 2011

Today the President released his 2012 budget an amazing 3.7 trillion dollars. During his state of the Union speech he stated he understood the country had a spending problem and in the words of Representative Frank Guinta, ‘This may be Valentine’s Day, but the $3.73T #budget proposal by #POTUS is no love letter to the American people!”

We are in a severe recession and still the President can not understand you can not spend more of what you don’t have to bring about prosperity to a nation. He has proposed an increase in taxation over the next ten years to raise an additional 1.6 trillion dollars over the next 10 years. CNN stated the President has two choices that will address the problems we face, “He can fix it or ignore it” In the piece they decided he has ignored it.

The budget will drop to 1.2 trillion next year but will balloon to 104% of GDP by 2015. This is not the way to stimulate an economy that is bloated and in need of reduction.  Congress has stated they will cut the budget by 100 billion, a mere 2% of the budget when we need to look at cuts across the board by no less than 500 billion each and every year until we contain the uncontrolled spending that has eroded the quality of life for all Americans.

The CBO estimates there is 10% fraud and waste in every government program which is not being address as of yet on the Hill. Every member knows about the problem but no solutions are being presented to reel in the corruption.  Patriot Express Radio  has offered a solution that would help alleviate the problem.  Quite simple pass a law that makes it a mandatory 10 year prison sentence for any individual or corporation that commits acts of fraud when dealing with any government agency.  If an individual knows when they decide to steal our tax dollars by submitting fraudulent bills will land them in jail for 10 years many of those individuals would not attempt these deceitful practices.

Second, we must hold those accountable in Congress when appropriating funds. The funding must have a paper trail just as businesses have to track where the money is going and how it is being spent. The funds must not be sent out in bulk but released in segments to the receiving parties. When the parties show how the funds released to them were spent then they receive the next allocation until all criteria has been met.

We the People are tired of our tax dollars being wasted and are now monitoring how our government is spending them.  The Congress have to fulfill their promises made on the campaign trail to reduce the nation debt and the size of the Federal Government. They must understand trillion-dollar deficits are no longer going to be tolerated here in America. So get out the pencils and start cutting to save our nation and give future generations of children a country they can be proud to be a citizen of that is working to be fiscally responsible from here on in.

Egypt On The Brink

February 10, 2011

With everything happening in Egypt these days politicians around the world are watching with great anticipation.  President Mubarak  unwillingness to give up power has spewed the violence in the streets and the world waits.

Today the Vice President took over operations according to news sources minutes ago.  The question here isn’t who is in control now, the question is who will be in control tomorrow?

There will be a revolution in Egypt I am sure. The military will play a key role in the outcome.  Will the military stand for the citizens pushing for reform or will they support the Muslim Brotherhood? That is the question no one knows at this juncture.

If the military defends Egypt and it’s citizens the revolt will be quick with few casualties. They will inform the President and Vice President their goals and then have both removed from office with little resistance hopefully.

If the military defends Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood the revolution will be deep and costly for the country.  Those who are opposed to that direction will not sit by idly and watch their Nation revert back to a dictatorship type of government.

Only when we know where the military stands can we know the direction Egypt will travel down.  WE can only hope and pray the military will back those rallying for peace and democracy. Time will be the telling factor here.

Interview With Congressmen Guinta

February 7, 2011

Last Tuesday Congressmen Guinta called into the show to discuss the issues that are of concern to most Americans if not all Americans.

We talked about the overwhelming debt the previous administrations have piled on us and our children eroding the quality of life here for all.  Representative Guinta was an excellent interview as he answered the questions without the usual nonsense most politicians fill you with just to appease the public.

He stated we must control our budgets from here on in and present a balanced budget amendment so we can no longer spend what we don’t have as we have been doing these past 50 years.

I have to agree with him on this issue.  We must stop spending what we don’t have. We must stop borrowing the 43 cents out of every dollar our government decides to spend even if they know about the fraud and waste in the spending bill. Most importantly we must hold those accountable for the tax dollars they spend. Our public servants can no longer spend our money without clear-cut stipulations as to how it will be spent just as a business would do with their budgets.

If you would like to hear the interview go to and download it.  Listen and email me at with your thoughts and concerns.