Repealing OBAMACARE is Unconstitutional!

January 19, 2011

Sheila Jackson the Democrat from Texas stated today in hearings that repealing the health care bill would be unconstitutional because of the 14th amendment and the equal protection clause.  Now my question is how can a law be constitutional if the mandate is you purchase something or have a fine or tax imposed on you or your business for not complying with the Federal law?

Then life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness came into play as items citizens are being denied because of those evil corporate executives running the health care industries because they charge so much and leave out so many who choose not to purchase health care or can not afford the insurance premiums.

So let’s look at LIFE as stated in our Declaration of Independence.  Life as written in the Declaration means every citizen has the ability to pursue their dreams and goals without  government interference. ( Use common sense here stating the obvious dreams that are not a crime)

Liberty  means that man can think on his own without fear of the government suppressing that thought with limited restraints.

Finally the pursuit of happiness is just that.  All citizens have the ability to pursue one’s self-interest without fear of the government interfering again stating the obvious that anything that would be construed as illegal or immoral would not be tolerated.


These three tenets are for the individual to prosper not anything more or less. The Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution of the United States stipulate  our government will be our caretakers and offer us everything we need to survive in this country.  Individuals in order to fulfill their aspirations concerning life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must get off their butts and work to accomplish the goals they choose to work towards. If they have no goals and enjoy being uninsured or unemployed it is not our governments place to take care of them.

The Voice of the People

January 3, 2011

Here we are once again in a time and place that history will shine a light on the citizens that stood up against the crime and corruption that continually dance around our elected officials.

The history books will have to acknowledge the leaders across the nation who jumped up off their couches and kitchen chairs to visit town hall meetings with those who were elected to represent their wishes.  They showed up like teens going to their first Zeppelin concert searching for the stage only those in the audience last year were not looking for a good time to forget their worries and cares for a few hours.

They were there to take a stand and inform those representatives elected to be their voices in the political arena had failed and failed miserably.   They were there to inform their Senators, Representatives, County Commissioners, and host of  others they were elected and can be unelected.

Now we have the swearing-in ceremonies taking place all across the country and the people are watching to see if those newly elected public servants will remember their voices as they vote on the issues.

The voices of all Americans are strong and can not be silenced for too long. The American voices will not tolerate their leaders not listening to their wishes any longer. The American people want to see solutions to the problems and not just babbling about what should be done.

This is history in the making, our new elected officials. The question is will they do the right thing and help to restore the honor and dignity that our Founding Fathers envisioned for those public officials walking the Halls of Congress? They will if we the people stay vigilant and remain in the know on the issues they vote on each week.

The history books will be rewritten, it is up to each American to be involved with the content that will be published 10, 20, 30 years from now. We are our own destiny.

Anchor Babies

January 3, 2011

There is a new battle going on in America.  There are 6 states that are challenging the 14th amendment giving citizen rights to babies born in America to all individuals.

These states are charging that our Federal Government has not addressed the illegal immigration problem.  There are 360 thousand children born in this country each year to illegal immigrants according to recent estimates with over 1 million individuals granted citizenship or at least green cards to be here while awaiting the proper paperwork to be accepted.

This is what happens when the voice of the people rise up to be heard.  WE THE PEOPLE are tired of our government not working to secure our country, our borders, and our sovereignty.

Let’s watch what happens in the next few months with this case. I believe it could take up to a year to be heard as it works through the court system.  Most importantly is we elected representatives who seem to be standing up united with us, the citizens of these United States and finally saying , “Stop the Insanity”.

Today there are 6 states who appear to be standing united to do what is right for our country. How many more have heard the voices of the people?  Time will tell, stay vigilant and remind your elected representatives they work for us.