The Final Count Down

Politics as usual has been the dominating factor this election cycle across the Nation.  The smear campaigns from Florida to California are never-ending.  The one thing that these politicians or want-a-be politicians just don’t understand is that we the people are tired of politics as usual.

As a member of the media, Patriot Express Radio talks with individuals across the nation to find out what they feel is going on in our political world.  The vast majority of those interviewed believe that the dirty, mud-slinging campaigns must end.  The candidate that offers a solution based campaign will be victorious on election night.

For those who really want to be a voice of the people, if not in this election cycle but also the next one, campaign on substance and values.  Possibly principles will fit right in there.  The citizens of these United States are tired and fed up with the mischaracterization of the opposition .  We have a President telling a Hispanic crowd to vote so we can fight the enemy.  I am saddened to see the office of the Presidency sink so low.

With only days left till the final countdown where do you stand. Will you vote for what you believe in or will you vote for party line individuals that will not represent you or your neighbor?  This is the test that will secure our future as a Nation come November 2nd 2010.  Will we do the right thing when we cast our ballots and vote for those who wish to be citizen legislators, or will we continue to elect those representatives who have over the past 50 years eroded the quality of life for all who live in America?

The choice is yours. Remember your vote counts. Make it happen.

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