In His Own Words

October 29, 2010

A few days ago President  Obama during a rally made this statement to a hispanic group “We’re gonna punish our enemies” when referring to them not going to the polls to vote.  Our President stated they must vote to work with him to maintain the standards that he believes in.

Not the kind of talk that is very Presidential as his approval ratings are down to 37%.  Many American’s have had enough of the partisan rhetoric that has split this country.  Many American’s are fed up with the direction our Politicians have taken this Nation. Finally, many American’s are saying they have had enough of the two-party system.  They are going to vote for the candidate that will represent their wishes.

Today a passenger jet was escorted to JFK by fighter planes  due to intelligences that stated there could be explosives on board.  The President made a speech minutes ago to discuss this incident.  Here is what he had to say, “a credible terrorist threat against our country.”  He went on to say there was information that they are taking seriously.

Our observation is this, how can the President of these United States call individual citizens of this Nation enemies to a group of individuals and yet will not call those across the ocean enemies when they actually want to attack and kill our citizens.  It appears as if the President is still receiving bad information from advisors and speech writers who are continuously castigating  citizens and glossing over terrorists as something other than what they actually are.

Remember your vote counts, make it happen by showing up to place your vote and have your voice heard come election day.

The Final Count Down

October 28, 2010

Politics as usual has been the dominating factor this election cycle across the Nation.  The smear campaigns from Florida to California are never-ending.  The one thing that these politicians or want-a-be politicians just don’t understand is that we the people are tired of politics as usual.

As a member of the media, Patriot Express Radio talks with individuals across the nation to find out what they feel is going on in our political world.  The vast majority of those interviewed believe that the dirty, mud-slinging campaigns must end.  The candidate that offers a solution based campaign will be victorious on election night.

For those who really want to be a voice of the people, if not in this election cycle but also the next one, campaign on substance and values.  Possibly principles will fit right in there.  The citizens of these United States are tired and fed up with the mischaracterization of the opposition .  We have a President telling a Hispanic crowd to vote so we can fight the enemy.  I am saddened to see the office of the Presidency sink so low.

With only days left till the final countdown where do you stand. Will you vote for what you believe in or will you vote for party line individuals that will not represent you or your neighbor?  This is the test that will secure our future as a Nation come November 2nd 2010.  Will we do the right thing when we cast our ballots and vote for those who wish to be citizen legislators, or will we continue to elect those representatives who have over the past 50 years eroded the quality of life for all who live in America?

The choice is yours. Remember your vote counts. Make it happen.

The Times They Are A Changin!

October 22, 2010

Bob Dylan is a prolific song writer who has many great hits with lyrics that are thought-provoking as the title to this song states “The times they are a changin”.  Juan Williams is at the center of a controversy due to a statement he made on the O”Reilly Factor about how uneasy he was when at an airport and Muslims enter the area with their full garb on pushing their religious beliefs.  He stated “I must admit”  while talking about the state of mind he is in and of being fearful when they (the Muslims) put their belief above that of the United States.

This came at a time when Mr. Williams has frequently appeared on the Fox News Network to provide insight and analysis on the issues of the day.  For those of you who already know the name, Mr. Williams is a liberal who believes the views he projects with all his heart. Juan has great debates when he is a guest on any of the talk shows that offer him the opportunity to speak.

Now, the issues here isn’t if we agree with his analysis or views on the issues but did he deserve to be fired over a feeling he gets at airports. If you have ever listened to Juan he believes what he is talking about with all his heart. He is passionate about the issues and will carry on great debates with the hosts of all programs he appears on. Because of his affiliation with Fox they are trying to shut him up by firing him.

Again we don’t have to agree with every issue people represent but we do agree everyone has the right to speak his mind and talk about his views without repercussion as long as they do not cross the threshold the Supreme Court deems incites . Juan is liberal mind you but he will sit and discuss the issues with respect shown toward those hosting the program which I commend him for as most liberal debate without facts or figures and us emotions to drive home their point.

Well Juan NPR is no big loss to you. You will be fine and will get an opportunity to shine without having to look back and wonder why those in charge at NPR would release a thought-provoking individual such as yourself.  Remember you are only as good as those you surround yourself with, you’re in good hands at the Fox News Network.

Let this be a lesson for anyone who has a voice in this country, if you speak out against those who have an agenda that doesn’t agree with yours, you will be dealt with.  The George Soros’s of the world have their ideologies and institutions where they attempt to control all those around them.  Those days are gone Mr. Soros, the people of America will no longer allow individuals like yourself to control our destination.

Bob Dylan didn’t know exactly what influence those words would have on American culture I am sure. The times they are a Changing and no one will be able to stop this movement by the American Citizens who have risen up to fight for a Country they believe in.

This leads us back to the elections coming up in less than 10 days. Stand up and have your voices heard by voting for those individuals that will best represent what you believe in. The two-party system has torn apart our political process because of the greed factor that goes with the powers they weld. We can return the powers to the people and the States when we vote.

I received a card in the mail today and on the back was a seal with this inscription, “It is the duty of the Patriot to protect his Country from his Government.” Thomas Paine.  We are at that point folks, we must fight with letters, calls and rallies to let those in power know that the abuse of office will not be tolerated any longer. Whether you are an individual with billions trying to sway the public opinion or our elected official we will stand up against you when you ignore our wishes.

Best of luck in your new home at Fox Mr. Williams. Look toward the future as you now have become a victim of  the left-wing progressives that do not like you  due to your frequent appearances on Fox.  The times they are a changin.  Here is a link to the lyrics, they are pretty deep into the situation we are facing, maybe Dylan did understand where we were heading.

Less Than 2 Weeks Away!

October 21, 2010

We are less than two weeks away from making history or becoming history.  Voters all across the nation must decide which road we will travel down on November 2nd.  The choices are extreme to say the least. If we travel the path that is old and full of ruts from the past elections we will continue down the path of destruction. If we take the road less traveled we will have an opportunity to steer clear of the policies and back room dealings that brought us this crisis.

Candidates from across the country have been traveling across their respective states informing their constituents how they will be different then the past candidates and the incumbents.  In the primaries Jim Deakin rolled 60 thousand miles across the desert lands in Arizona to spread his message about citizen legislators only to come up short against a career politician we call Senator McCain.

In Nevada Bill Parson traveled across barren lands of Southern Nevada and the wintry plains up North.  He traveled and met people trying to convince them that the nation is at great risk if we do not stop the politics as usual in Washington.  People heard his voice, his words but again he came up short. Sharron Angle managed to capture the Tea Party endorsement and never looked back.

In Florida, California, Delaware and the other states having the elections hundreds of citizens rallied up off their couches to become part of the political process most Americans take for granted.  We as Americans have failed to acknowledge just how sacred and important our right to vote is. Not this year, I believe we will see record numbers of citizens who are upset with the direction the career politicians have taken our Nation.

With just under 2 weeks left before we have to step into the voting booth our country has changed.   We as Americans have changed.  No longer are we accepting the words of those who are in power.  No longer are we accepting the backroom dealings that Congress must use to pass bills that are unpopular.  The people have risen to the challenge that this administration and those of our past leaders have taken our country with record deficit spending. 

The citizens have spoken to their elected representatives only to have those in power say that your voice doesn’t count. We don’t represent you is the mentality of those in change of leading our Nation.  They have since found out that they can not continue down the path they have travelled for far too long.  They have found out that the citizens will vote their conscience this election cycle and attempt to return grace and dignity to the Halls of Congress.

The Peoples Congress is the theme of the day.  The people’s seat is the tone of the hour.  The career politicians are running scared this election cycle because they have never dealt with constituents that stood up to them and said “Your wrong on that issue.”  As we move closer to election day we see politicians swaying in the wind to keep voters happy long enough to win their votes.  We can see right through them.

The people are tired of politics as usual.  The people are tired of elitist and out of touch representatives to arrogant to understand them.  The people have stated “You work for us we don’t work for you.”  Those politicians who are listening may have a chance to win on November 2nd.  Those who remain out of touch with the American citizens will be packing their bags in January.

There are quite a few good people running in every campaign across the nation if you do your homework to find what they stand for.  As you head to the voting booth you will be the most informed voter that we have had in over 100 years. With the internet and all other forms of social media there is no reason not to know your candidates.

Remember YOUR VOTE COUNTS, so make it happen and vote for the candidate that has your interest at heart not that of special interest.  You can make a difference with your one vote. Your voice can be heard when you apply your God-given right to vote in every election that goes on in your District.  Don’t waste it by not voting. Have your voices heard by voting.  Make a difference in your country and your life by going to the polls and voting for someone with ethics, morality and the belief they work for you.

Heck vs Titus Debate

October 15, 2010

Let’s talk about the 3rd Congressional District seat up for grabs right now here in Nevada.  Titus is the incumbent and Heck is the challenger that would like to be sitting on the Hill come January.

Joe Heck is a doctor and military man who came to Nevada in 1990 with his wife and kids.  His stance is that we need to stop government intervention and work to address the issues now and not when they are at a crisis level as Congress now does.

Dina Titus was and educator for almost all her life.  She has been a political figure here in Nevada and now in Washington.  Her stance is that we must raise taxes or cut benefits to become solvent.  She is against illegal immigration and wants to secure the border before we can deal with those who crossed the border and now live in America illegally.

Titus responded to just about every statement that Heck made with some type of sting statement about flipping his position again and again and again.  Both Titus and Heck had a strong presence when speaking about the issues and I didn’t see a real clear winner here.

There was no knock out punch from either side. Both held their ground and pushed each other on their policies and votes over the years. Dina beat Joe up on the job issues and his statements about not being for any spending bills that would create jobs or incentivize business to invest in wind and solar energy.  Joe hit Dina with the voting record of Dina and the votes on Health Care, the Stimulus and an assortment of others.

Dina responded to questions about the cap and trade bill with no new taxes will be involved when that passes. We won’t be dependent on foreign oil.  Joe came back with the increases each individual will end up paying which will be close to $1,700.00 per family.  Dina disputed that stating no increase will happen.

The bickering back and forth wore me out. Both candidates had interesting statements of fact and fiction, you decide.  Joe Heck asked a question toward the end of the debate about how Dina would handle a student who lied or cheated on an exam refering to her ads that an organization deemed to be untrue.  Dina went off on Heck and stated what are you going to tell you constituents about you switching positions on every issue. She went off with three or four more what are you statements that were blistering.

If you are a Democrat Dina won hands down.  If you’re a Republican than Joe won with a landslide. Again you be the judge.

Listen to the debate on-line and then when you head out to the polls you can have your voice heard through your vote. Don’t let anyone every tell you that your vote doesn’t count because it does. Read my lips, “Your vote counts!” Make it happen by getting out to the polls and vote your conscience. We can make a difference with one vote, one voice.

Debate Angle vs Reid

October 15, 2010

As we get ready to vote in what could be the most important election in our lifetimes debates are going on all across the country. I want to discuss the Angle-Reid debate here in Nevada since this seat happens to be the Senate Majority leaders, Harry Reid.

During the debate there were few gaffes that would sway the public opinion toward one candidate or the other. Both held their ground and vigorously defended their positions on the issues.  Angle is for health care that covers everyone as the Trust accounts all Federal employees have. Whereas Reid is for what was passed as is without any type of changes to it.

Angle talked in great detail about our Constitutional rights to own guns, have opinions and buy insurance policies that we want not what the government mandates the citizens to have.  She talked about Pelosi’s statement “but we must pass the bill so you can find out what is in it” saying that isn’t how government is supposed to work, as a representative of the people you are supposed to read the bill and then vote on it if it passes the constitutional requirements.

Reid talked in great detail about how he has helped every citizen who has a problem with their homes being under water. Continuing with how he got Bank of America to stop all foreclosures for the time being and that he has always fought for the citizens in Nevada. Reid stated Yucca Mountain was not good for the country nor the State of Nevada.  He pointed to Angle and summed up her stance as bad for Nevada to make Yucca Mountain a dump for Nevada.

Angle responded with Harry’s “Coal makes you sick” comment continuing on with we need to create energy to bring  jobs to Nevada to lessen our dependency on foreign oils.

Mitch  was equally harsh on both candidates using quotes that they had both made throughout this campaign. Angle was hit with her view she wanted to abolish the Department of Education to which she responded with her 25 years as an educator. She wants the states to have the money at local levels to do what they feel would be in the best interest for our students.

Mitch hit Reid hard with the “this war is lost quote”.  Reid responded with his familiar “General Petraeus is a friend of mine and I was stating that we could not militarily win the war as it was being fought. He never addressed the quote and offered why he made the statement in the first place.

What is at stake here is on November 2nd we have a choice to make.  Will we vote as we have in the past down party lines for individuals that may not help our economy, our country and our lives.  What will happen come November 2nd when the voters drive to the polls and vote for the candidate of their choosing. When the votes are counted and we have Angle or Reid will they get off the couch and say ” I can’t believe he/she  just won, what is wrong with these people”. 

There are only two documents in this Country worth fighting for, first and foremost our Constitution.  The only document that has withstood the test of time around the world. Our Founding Fathers enumerated the powers that our federal government should have along with the powers and rights that the States and it’s citizens required.

Secondly the only other document in this Country worth fighting for is the ballot we receive when we go to vote to have our God-given right  heard by all.  We are the voice of America not those with millions and allegiance to special interest groups or lobbyists.

Remember your vote counts, look at all the candidates and find the one that will best represent your interests whatever they may be.  Do not sit by and wait to see what happens.  On election day we can make history or we will be history.  You decide make or be, the choice is yours.

Climb Aboard Patriot Express Radio

October 8, 2010

Welcome to our new blog site for Patriot Express Radio.  We are excited to have this opportunity to report information that may be important to each and every individual.

At Patriot Express Radio our goal is to present the issues from both sides of the aisle when need be.  We try not to interject personal feelings into our show however with that said sometimes it is next to impossible on every issue.  But believe me we do try to be neutral when explaining the facts about the issues.

For example last year we were the first to actually state on air that the Health Care Bill presented in the form offered by Congress would actually cost the taxpayers over 2.5 Trillion dollars over the 10 year period the Congressional Budget Office ran the numbers for.  Congress stated along with many news media outlets 1 Trillion dollars would be the final price tag for all American’s to be included in the bill.

Well when it was said and done, the price tag was in the 25 Trillion dollar range and approximately 26 million uninsured would have coverage they didn’t have in the past. That is about 20 million short of 100% of the uninsured that was promised in the bill.

So be sure to check in periodically to find out what is happening in your world along with in ours.  We do the research so you don’t have to. However I would advise some home work on your part.


Thank you and look forward to the future blogs.